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3d Wall Art in Australia

Art That Pops: Using 3D Wall Art in Australia

The Renaissance is well and truly over. Where a painted work could shock a house visitor back in the 1600s, unless it’s the Mona Lisa, it probably isn’t going to have the same sort of gravitas these days.

That’s certainly not to say that paintings don’t have their place. A modern contemporary work or a vintage oil-on-canvas can still add an excellent amount of character and charm to a space. But there’s a wow factor, an element of surprise that can seem like it’s missing from a painting.

So how do you get that wow factor back in a wall hanging? What will have your guests raising their eyebrows when they next come over?

The answer could well be 3D wall art.

A medium that adds a 3rd dimension onto your standard wall hangings, 3D wall art is becoming ever more popular. Designed to provide a contemporary feel to a space while still fitting in with everyday décor, modern wall art brings a unique and decorative touch to any room. Here are the basics of 3D wall art, and why it is worth thinking about as a home decoration solution.

3D Wall Art Materials

3D wall hangings come in a range of materials to suit a range of situations. While it is easy to think of this sort of art as purely modern and contemporary, that simply isn’t the case. No matter what the aesthetic of your home is, there’ll be a 3D art option to suit.

One of the most popular materials to create 3D wall art from is metal. A material that is fantastically workable, metal can provide you with either a crisp looking piece of modern wall art, or a rustic piece of antique wall art. Using freshly polished metal will give a sharp look that will work excellently in a modern city apartment, while using weathered or tarnished metal will give an old homestead the rustic-style living room wall art it requires.

3D leather wall art provides a space with a warm, comforting feel. The interesting textures that leather is capable of will have not only people’s eyes, but people’s hands wandering towards it. Leather is also easy to match to a room’s furniture.

An under-utilised but fantastically simple and fun material to use for 3D wall art is plain old paper. When I say ‘plain old’, paper that has been cleverly utilised is anything but that. A deeper-than-normal frame can house beautiful origami examples. By using a strikingly patterned piece of origami paper for something like a piece of 3D butterfly wall art, you’ll have a ready-made conversation starter right there on your dining room wall.

Purchasing, Creating or Reconstituting

Where will your 3D wall art come from?

Thanks to a rise in popularity, there is a huge range of 3D wall art available online these days, so purchasing an interesting and expertly crafted piece is as easy as ever. With just a few clicks you can find a piece that will perfectly match your home décor, whether it be classic or contemporary.

If you want to release your inner artist, why not try creating a new 3D hanging yourself? Kids’ wall art has its own unique and special charm, so why not get the whole family involved? Origami style hangings like those mentioned above are great fun to make, and can turn out to be an absolutely stunning (and cheap) addition to your home. Surrounding your newly created 3D piece with a particularly 2D medium, such as vinyl stickers, can create a fun effect.

For a bit of rustic charm, nothing can beat reconstituting old material as a new wall hanging. Things such as old road signs, mechanics’ tools, or even a rusted windmill blade, will add a sense of charm and history that a brand new item just can’t match. Tarnished metal and old (but not rotten) wood are fantastic materials to create this sort of mood in a room.

3D wall art offers a unique and decorative solution to your bare wall problem. By being creative and open to new ideas, you can create a look that will have your dinner guests intrigued and impressed for years to come.

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