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Abstract home decoration products in Australia


How to decorate your home using abstract leather wall art and other ‘arty’ pieces

Abstract leather wall art, abstract cushions and in fact abstract home décor items in general is something that can look terrific in a room – particularly if it’s been designed properly ie well thought out. If not, the room can come across as a bit of an eclectic design disaster.

How to do it properly: hanging abstract art

At its worst abstract art can come across as pretentious, at best it’s exciting and stimulating. But it can look great in most décor themes – not just modern and contemporary but also vintage. It just depends on what colours there are in the rest of the room and whether or not they are repeated in the abstract art you’re about to hang up. In fact, conversely, your abstract cushions or leather wall art can actually help you decide on a colour palette for your room. For instance one or two colours in the art work can be repeated throughout the rest of the room.

Getting the confidence to hang abstract art

If you’ve never dabbled in interior design using abstract art before you may, rightly, be a little nervous about how it’s all going to turn out. But ask yourself, why are you considering it? Is it because you want your room to look a little edge, different and to have a fresh perspective? If so, then don’t you think it’s time to step outside that comfort zone of yours? Otherwise you’re going to end with more of the same décor-wise.

Décor first - art second

An abstract item doesn’t have to be the focal point of a room in itself. Occasionally it can just be there to complement what else is in the room ie an abstract themed cushion used as an accent colour – even a painting which could be hung because the colours in it blend in beautifully with the shades in the sofa or the large rug.

Geometry is important with abstract art

Although the colours are of main importance with abstract art, closely behind is the shapes and size of the art as well.

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