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Using Statues and Figurines for decor purposes in our home and garden

When it comes to our home we all like to have personal touches around to remind us of times gone past and people who mean a lot to us. That could mean such ornaments and figurines as bird statues for the garden or framed photographs. It's the little touches like this that make our houses and apartments feel like our homes i.e. a place that has our own personal touch on it. Status and figurines prove then to be our signature - and which visitors will find say far more about us than the type of kitchen we have or which sofa we've chosen.

It's not always easy to get the layout of our ornaments correct though, and it's easy to 'go a bit overboard.' So, how can we make sure that our display of ornaments is tasteful, as well as representative of us and our likes?

How to decorate with ornaments

It's best to have a mixture of ornaments rather than one type (if it's a particular theme then it's more like a collection and should be displayed together in a glass display case or similar). By grouping different ornaments together such as a dog statue, candle stick and bowl then we've made a 'scene'. This known as 'tablescaping' in other words, it's not about how expensive those statues, figurines and other ornaments are, but rather the way in which they're arranged together to produce a display. Incidentally, if it's too balanced it may look a little boring so go all out and incorporate plenty of colours and textures.

Symmetry can be important too. Interior designers usually group objects together using odd numbers i.e. in groups of three or five. And the more off-centre this grouping is on the shelf or coffee table, then the better.

Here at the Bowery you can find a range of garden bird statues, dog statues and general statues for sale in Australia. Why not take a look through our range today? We're always updating it so if you don't find anything suitable this time round then do pop back and see us.

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