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Animals wall art in Australia


Decorating with animal ornaments and wall art

Most of us love animals and many of us, due to having to be out at work most of the day, can’t afford the time to look after them. The next best thing then, if we still want an ‘animal’ in our homes, is to feature our furry friends through some favourite art work. Not only does this give our home a bit of a quirky and light-hearted feel, but it also adds a comforting element to a room. Here we list some of our favourite ways of decorating with animal art works and ornaments:

Favourite animal décor ideas

  • Put up a 3D animal head (stags heads have been big news décor-wise for years now)
  • Animal stickers can look great when the cat, dog etc is made to walk along a shelf or sit on a desk
  • Paint a large-scale mural of an animal’s head such as a tiger or lion on one wall. A large, colourful butterfly works equally as well

Origami animal wall art in frames

As most people are no doubt aware, origami is the art of paper folding. It’s an art which originated in Japan and involves taking a flat square sheet of paper and folding it minutely so that when finished it resembles an animal, plant etc. The most famous Japanese origami model is the paper crane.

Some forms of origami actually allow cutting of the paper (this is known as kirigami and was popular in the Far East until the 1960s and 70s) or allowing a different shape of paper other than square to begin with. Most versions of cardboard packaging today use the principles of origami.

Origami as decoration for a kids bedroom

There are plenty of apps or books around these days that will teach children basic origami. Because it requires a lot of concentration, getting kids to make their own origami wall art (you can frame it after it’s complete) is a great way for parents to get a bit of ‘me time’ these days. We reckon it’s certainly worth a try anyhow!

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