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Ideas for choosing Bedroom Wall Art

When it comes to the personal spaces in your life, nothing quite competes with your bedroom. It is your sanctuary – a room that is entirely devoted to you. A place where you can get away from the world and truly relax.

If your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, then it is important that you provide yourself with a space that allows you to relax. By matching your bedroom wall art with your décor, and by having it reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and at home, you can give yourself a personal retreat right there in your own house.

The choice of bedroom artwork is a tricky one, as thanks to the internet, there is an almost unlimited amount of options available.

So how do you go about sifting through the noise to get the perfect artwork for your bedroom? Here are just a few ideas that might inspire you to create a unique and special look for your room.

Show Your Wanderlust

Do you have the itchy feet of a world traveller? Do you dream of forever wandering the globe, searching for new and exciting things? Why not show your passion for travel with a map print?

Whether it be a colourful and contemporary take on a map of the world, or a more vintage and weathered looking number, maps can provide an element of escapism to your interior decorating. For a fun and changeable artwork, buy a ‘scratch map’, that allows you to scratch off the places you’ve been with a coin, following your adventures throughout your life.

Use Your Words

Do you have a favourite saying that encapsulates your attitude to life? Do you and your partner have a favourite combination of words that describes your love for each other?

Finding framed prints with meaningful quotes or phrases on them can be awesome additions to your bedroom. What better way to start your day than glancing at words that inspire?

Bringing the Outside Inside

Now, if you wanted to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, you might think of a selection of plants, or a bay window. But it needn’t be that complicated. Why not use a large nature photography canvas instead?

Nature photography can bring a lightness and airiness to a room that is otherwise hard to capture.

Mix in Metallics

Do you like shiny things? Who doesn’t like shiny things? Metallic wall hangings offer a modern and contemporary look, and by matching a metallic wall hanging with metal furniture and fixings, you can have a crisp and edgy bedroom in no time.

The way that light plays off of metallic surfaces in framed paintings can add an extra dimension of interest to your bedroom.

Fabrics Needn’t Stay on the Bed

A terrifically cost-effective and beautiful option, using fabric laid over a frame or a set of stretcher bars can give your bedroom a cute and homely feel. A classic patchwork quilt or an African inspired rug can give your bedroom the character boost you’re looking for. Matching the fabric with that of your décor can really tie a room together.

Fabrics also double as 3D wall art, with different textures that will not only draw the eye, but also the hand. And they needn’t be kept to the bedroom – fabrics offer a great option for hallway or living room wall art too!

Stick It On

Why constrain yourself to framed paintings and artwork? Stickers and decals aren’t reined in by the need to be hung, and can be used large-scale to pattern an entire wall.

A particularly fun option for kids’ bedrooms, glow-in-the-dark decals will not only look great, but provide the young ‘uns with a sense of comfort in the middle of the night.

Go Old School

You might think that you can only use antique wall hangings in an old country homestead, or a stately old townhouse. Not so. Spice things up in your otherwise modern and contemporary apartment with a piece of rustic artwork.

The mix of old and new will create an interesting and fun aesthetic, and recycling old materials can be far cheaper than buying new works!

Provide Contrast

In a minimalist and modern setting, why not try a bit of black and white photography? There is a clean and classy feel to the old style images, and with the help of the most basic computer imaging software, any of your favourite shots can be easily transformed.

And for an even classier feel, use a shot that uses just one colour in an otherwise black and white image. A single red rose for example.

The options for bedroom wall art are only bound by your own creativity. If you’re open to experimenting, you’ll have the perfectly fitted out sleeping space in no time.


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