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The Difference a Table Lamp can make

If you're in the market to buy modern table lamps then you're lucky - such is the choice of bedside table lamps and in fact, contemporary table lamps for every room in your home these days - in addition to vintage table lamps, of course - that it can seem quite daunting when first starting out. As a result we've produced a little guide here at The Bowery which is aimed at helping you with your selection:

How to choose modern table lamps

There is no doubt that adding light in the right way to a room can change its overall appearance and create specific moods. Floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps they can all help with getting your lighting just right. Table lamps can be used for both accent and ambient lighting. The former for helping you e.g. sew, read etc and in the case of the latter to add a cosiness to the room. In this way modern table lamps can prove both functional and decorative.

Other ways of using contemporary table lamps in your home

  • Why not consider using a table lamp on your dining table - rather than a low lying pendant light (which you can easily hit your head off) or candles (which can be knocked over and cause hot wax to spill over your lovely table cloth)? It could give your dining area a bit of a bistro-type feel.
  • Introduce a table lamp into your bathroom decor and give it a cosier touch for night bathing (just keep the table lamp away from the water, obviously).
  • Arrange two tall table lamps either side of a fireplace for a dramatic light effect and make the ceiling appear taller (since the height of the lamps will drag the eye upwards)
  • Getting bedside lamps? According to interior designers your lamps should be around 24 to 27 inches tall. They don't necessarily have to match but it's definitely a better look if they do. If your bedside tables are a touch on the small side then get a rectangular or oval lampshade rather than round as this will make them appear as if there's more surface space.

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