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Blue homewares in Australia

Decorating with blue accessories in the home

An easy colour to decorate your home with thanks to all its lovely warm and cool shades, blue is a popular accent colour – especially in male dominated rooms.

At the pale end of the blue spectrum there is ice blue and at the bold end deep indigo but then there’s all those other wonderful shades in between too.

How to decorate with warm blues

Calming and peaceful, warm blues make a room feel cosier. That’s because these types of blues (which have a bit of red in them) feel as if they are coming towards you (like the ocean) and enveloping you (as a warm blanket would). Warm blues tend to work best in rooms where people hang out such as the sitting room or kitchen.

Don’t think about decorating your dining room blue though. Apparently scientists have found that the colour blue suppresses the appetite so it’s not advisable if you’re the type who enjoys plenty of dinner parties. It is good if you’re on a diet though!

How to decorate with cool blues

The type of shades we’re talking about when we refer to ‘cool blues’ are turquoise, cobalt and ice blue. These tend to have a touch of yellow in them and, in contrast to warm blues, appear to recede rather than come towards you and in doing so actually help to make a room look larger than it really is.

This type of blue (which is calming) is good for a bedroom to help induce sleep and can also work well in a bathroom or  home study. Regarding the latter a study by the University of British Colombia in 2009 showed that children who were put in a room with a blue ceiling were more creative than those in a white ceiling.

Meanwhile, cool blues tend to be used regularly in a coastal Hampton’s décor style or nautical themes as well as rooms with a shabby chic look. Then again the artist Picasso also adopted them in his work (famously referred to as his Blue Period) after the suicide of a friend. Rather cold looking, these paintings weren’t particularly appreciated by the general public.

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