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Candle lanterns in Australia


How to decorate using large candle lanterns

Why not buy a taupe mini glass lantern or a large candle lantern to add a stylish finishing touch to your home and garden decor here in Australia?

Lanterns come in a variety of styles, textures and sizes and are usually sturdy enough to sit outdoors for when you next have that patio or pool party. Moroccan, shabby chic and traditional Hurricane lanterns are incredibly popular and come in a range of finishes to match existing decor items in your home.

Indoors, an item such as the Vines Large Lantern would look terrific in a pair at either side of your mantlepiece or console table in the hallway. A large glass lantern can also look lovely sitting in the centre of a coffee table or on a shelf. Alternatively get several mini glass lanterns and group them together to create a focal point. Glass lanterns are perfect for a conservatory since their cosiness is amplified by the dark night sky.

The ultimate cosy low-level illumination

To get a very romantic and cosy atmospheric feel to your back patio garden area then use several lanterns. These are far safer to use than candles on the floor since if they do get knocked over the the glass should prevent the candle from spilling out onto decking or the garden. A good idea is to line a pathway with lanterns since this is functional as well as aesthetic.

Other ways to decorate using small and large candle lanterns

 Make sure the candle you're using inside the glass lanterns comes at least two thirds of the way up it. That way the light won't get lost inside.

  • If the existing candle is too short then it's fine to use something for the candle to sit on such as a mini cake stand or even another candlestick.
  • If the candle lantern sitting on your shelf or coffee table is very big then allow it be the star of the show i.e. don't crowd it with ornaments nearby.

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