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Candles online in Australia

The Timeless Candle

There is something kind of ironic about ordering candles online. Think about it, you’re ordering one of the most ancient of light sources on one of the most modern communication devices.

Candles have come to mean so much more than a simple light source, however, that this may be one of the major reasons for their longevity. Candles have come to symbolize hope, remembrance, passion worship, holidays and birthdays. Putting a candle in the window means you’re waiting for a loved one to come home. Carrying a candle for someone departed means that their spirit is still alive in your eyes. Every year hundreds of millions of people around the globe blow out candles to signify another year on the planet.

Candles have provided the metaphors for countless songs, movies and plays through the ages, and it’s the fact that they represent so many different things that is probably the reason why they are still omnipresent in the world today.

Nobody lights their way by carrying flame torches or gas lanterns anymore (except for the occasional camper). Yet, almost every home you walk into has a candle or two in a kitchen drawer, in case the power goes out. Never mind that electric torches have been around almost as long as the candle has.

Candles are romantic. They create a beautifully hued light that does justice to everyone’s complexion. They bring out the lights in people eyes and the highlights in people’s hair.

They make a finely laid-out dining table look elegant and timeless. People swear that the food tastes better when they are eating by candlelight.

They impart a hint of elegance to whatever décor they’re used in and can hide some blemishes in a décor that would show up brightly in artificial light.

They soften a mood and beautify their surroundings. Candles are an inexpensive and sophisticated way to lend a decorative touch to a room.

The popularity of candles has never faded. These days candle-making has become an art form and the candles that the artists are turning out are showing more creativity than ever before.

Celebrating the Art of Candle-making

The Bowery serves as a showcase and a celebration of candle-making art in the 21st century. One of the newest entries in the candle world is the soy candle. This candle is 100% natural as it’s made from re-formulated soybean oil and does not contain any of the petroleum products contained in regular paraffin candles. The soy candle is easily scented and typically burns up to twice as long a paraffin candle as well.

Soy candles typically come as decorative container candles, as their low melting point makes them somewhat impractical to be used in tapers or stick-type candles, especially in warmer climates. Their clean-burning feature is one of their major selling points. They don’t generate the soot and smell that paraffin candles do. Our boxed sets of scented soy candles have become extremely popular to be used as gifts.

The Bowery also carries LED candles. These are perfectly safe candles to use around flammable materials as they simply do not have a live flame. They contain LED lights that have been configured to act like a candle flame, giving all of the flickering effect but none of the worries of using real candle flames in combustible areas. They come in artistic representations of pillar candles that will have you thinking that they’re real wax candles, yet they are as perfectly safe to use as a light switch.

The Bowery also has a wide selection of traditional elegant pillar candles and scented pillar candles. We also carry both scented and unscented tea lights in a range of colours and aromas including French vanilla, lavender and brown sugar.

These candles will lend an air of sophistication and romance to any décor and are suitable for any type of décor. We also offer a range of candle holders including traditional candle sticks that are perfectly suited for taper candles. We also carry a line of decorative candle enclosures for tea lights and transparent glass candle holders.

Set a particular mood within your home, lend a festive holiday air to your end of the year celebrations or simply create an intimate and romantic evening for yourself and your loved one with our wide selection of candles.

Visit the candle selection of The Bowery website today, and add a little elegance to your home.

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