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Canvas Prints in Australia

 A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Canvas Prints 

Whether you’re using it to give a room character, set a particular mood, or add a particular accent, art can improve the look and feel of any living space. And while framed prints and photos will always have their place, the clean lines and the cheap cost of canvas prints means that they’re becoming an ever more popular choice in Australian homes.

So how do you go about choosing the perfect canvas print for your wall? There are just a few things that should be taken into account.

Suit the Surroundings

Often the trickiest part of choosing wall art for your home is to have it match the current look and feel that you enjoy. The simplest way to think of it is this: you want the artwork to suit the space, without lessening the effect of the other elements of design that are already in the room.

This can be quite a complicated prospect for those of us who don’t have any experience in the interior design industry, but it needn’t be. You’ll find that your gut instincts are just as effective as paying an overpriced designer, because they know what you like.

If something seems odd or out of place, listen to that feeling. If you see a piece that you feel would make for a stunning bit of living room wall art, take it home. The great thing about canvas prints is that they are relatively inexpensive – if your instincts are a bit off, you’ve just got a fantastic chance to re-gift a lovely and cheap piece of art.

When it comes to surroundings and canvas art, opposites often attract. For modern apartments filled with neutral tones, a splash of colour breaks up the room nicely. Likewise, for more colourful, busier spaces, like those found in Middle Eastern inspired homes, a simpler, more neutral piece might work better.

Be Careful With Themes

If your room has a strong theme, say a rural theme in the living room, or an Asian inspired feel in the bedroom, be sure to match your prints with that. Just as a contemporary print of a Geisha won’t really fit with the raw and antique fell of a rural living room, neither will a canvas recreation of an old shearing shed style oil painting fit in the Asian bedroom.

Pairing your wall art with your décor is important to keep the flow of your house. A misplaced print can be jarring.

Where Will It Hang?

It is important to have a particular wall in mind when you’re shopping for your canvas prints. You should ideally get the exact dimensions of your walls before you shop, so you can visualise exactly how big you require your prints to be. Too large, and they may not fit. Too small and they may seem lost.

Large prints that take up three quarters of the wall are gaining popularity, and can bring a unique and commanding presence to a room.

The amount of sun an area gets may also affect your choice of print. If it’s a light and sunny wall, a light and airy print may suit better than something dark and moody.

Using Multiple Prints

Creating a collage or using panels to split an image is a fun and creative way of taking up a large amount of space. Canvas prints that aren’t framed have the benefit of being borderless, so using an image split into panels creates the feeling of looking through a window.

When choosing panelled prints, you want the print broken up the opposite way to how it’s been taken. Take a landscape photo, for example. For this type of print, you want the splits in the image to be made vertically, so you end up with the panels lined up in a horizontal row. And for an image of a skyscraper, you want your image splits made horizontally, so that the panels are stacked atop one another.

There is a vague rule of threes when it comes to panelling. While you can do more or do less, it is generally agreed that three prints is the ideal amount for a balanced, well rounded look.

It’s as simple as that! Cheap canvas prints are available both online and throughout Australia, and are just the type of wall art you need to spice up the look of your bedroom, living room, and every room in between.

Jump online and let’s get shopping!

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