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How to decorate with checks

When it comes to decorating with checks it’s best to keep things simple. That is because more often than not the pattern is bold enough in itself.  Too much of the same bold pattern in the one room and your eyes will be crying out for a pair of sunglasses after a mere five minutes.

History of checks

Check patterns seem to have been around forever – and indeed that is more or less the case. The first regularly sited check patterns actually appeared in oil paintings in Europe around the 15th century. Having said that, it is believed they were also around during Roman times on floors and ceramics such as vases and dishes.

Most people in the Victorian era would have been familiar with the black and white tiles in the back kitchen while the same pattern and colours also reminds us of a little French café.

Checks as a suitable masculine pattern

Unlike floral patterns, checks are a suitable décor pattern for a male bedroom. It could be used on bedding, cushions or curtains. Checkered wallpaper is another possibility although this can prove rather overpowering (especially if the checks in question are of the large variety. In this case the paper is definitely best restricted to a handful of rolls on a feature wall).

Meanwhile, men did, after all, wear gingham shirts back in the days of the Wild West and barn dances (gingham being a very country style look).

Checks for the window and furniture

Country kitchens in storybooks and in 1950s movies would always have gingham curtains – usually red and white and with a matching table cloth (as would your classic Italian bistro).

Checks can also be used successfully on upholstery such as a sofa, armchair and kitchen chair covers. Designers usually recommend having one checkered sofa and one plain one alongside - and usually in a neutral shade such as white since having two checkered sofas in the one room would be far too overpowering to the senses (unless you just happen to be leading British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood).

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