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How to make sure you choose cracking Christmas gifts

Christmas gift buying puts most of us into a dilemma at some point over the holiday season. After all, it’s not just about choosing which gifts are suitable for whom, but there’s also budgetary constraints to consider and finding the time to shop in the first place.

Luckily it is now possible to buy Christmas gifts online rather than having to push our way through busy department stores, but there is still the problem of what to choose and for whom. Here at the Bowery we’ve put together a list of ideas to make your next Christmas gift buying event the easiest yet:

Budget first

Sorting out who you have to buy for and how much you want to spend on them should always be your first port of call. Make a list for both columns and vow to stick to it. It’s really easy to go over your maximum figure but don’t – you will be certain to pay for it come January.

Add a third column to that list with a rough idea of what you plan to buy the person. At least that way you’ll have a sort-of plan when you hit the shops or the laptop.

Check clearance

There’s no harm in buying a Christmas present if it’s in a sale. In fact, if you’re sure the person will like it then doing so makes great financial sense. If it’s not in the sale then do remember to get a gift receipt just in case your recipient’s taste has changed in recent months without your realising.

Wrapping up

We don’t mean finishing your shopping but rather presenting that gift you’ve just bought in as attractive a way as possible. So, don’t skimp on cheap wrapping paper but buy quality versions and remember to add string and a bow too. Going to the bother of wrapping a present nicely for someone shows you value what’s inside – as well as them. Wrapping paper needn’t cost the earth either – especially if you’re smart and buy it in January to use the following Christmas.

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