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Copper homewares in Australia


Why introduce copper accessories and furniture into our homes?

A metal which produces a warm glow, copper home décor products have always been popular in interior design circles. And it’s not just in terms of copper taps and copper lights, but it’s also considered smart these days for bathroom tubs and even the kitchen sink.

In the main though copper home accessories tend to be copper lamps and light shades, copper vases, copper poster art or even fancy drawer handles and frames made from copper. And they certainly add shine and lustre to a room, we’ve found here at the Bowery, thanks to the fact copper reflects natural light. Having said that, copper home décor products don’t overwhelm the whole room (which is one of the best bits about this glorious metal’s input into your home).

The latest design trend in the metallic’s family

Metallics have been popular for years, especially gold and silver. Now, however, it’s the turn of rose gold and copper (either polished or textured). Both give off certain warmth in a room and are easy to mix with other textures and fabrics.

Copper is especially good for a rustic look (think copper mugs in a wooden kitchen) or a contemporary appeal (a large bashed copper mirror frame beside a tall-backed and outsize velvet armchair).

How to use copper tones with other colours

UK paint company Dulux chose Copper Blush as their paint colour of the year in 2015 and provided a handy guide to using the shade at the same time. They teamed it up with neutral colours such as dark grey, cream and taupe.

The health benefits of copper

An essential trace mineral crucial for human survival, copper can be found in our liver, brain, heart, kidneys and the muscles of our skeleton. It also helps us better absorb iron, gives us energy and helps with our body’s formation of collagen (which gives our skin that nice feeling of elasticity).

You have probably also help about the people wearing copper bracelets to reduce joint inflammation and reduce the pain of conditions such as arthritis. Whatever the reason for bringing it into your home, it seems you simply can’t go wrong with this lovely warm metal.



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