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Decorative bird cages in Australia


Using wire birdcages baskets as décor items for your home

It’s fair to say that the whole concept of using birdcages as decorative items for our homes – both inside and out – has been around for years now. But did you know it goes back much further than that? Thanks to Egyptian hieroglyphics historians have learned that birdcages were used in homes more than 4000 years ago. They were prized for their beauty and design flair – just like today.

Other periods where birdcages focused strongly in home décor was in both eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain and France.

In ancient Egypt it’s fair to say birds (especially doves and parrots) were the primary content of these cages. Today, however, it’s a completely different situation. These days birdcages are filled with plants, candles, mannequins, sculpture and, in one memorable example we saw recently, even a fish tank!

 Birdcages that work with both traditional and modern design themes

  • Group birdcages together (three or five) on either an external or internal wall to turn that wall into an interesting and unusual focal point
  • Still grouping together, hang the birdcages in front of a grouped together set of mirrors and just wait for the stunning decorative effect
  • Fill the cage with moss and plants then paint shabby chic style to create a fun whimsical garden ornament
  • Fit a bulb inside a cage and use as an unusual table or floor lamp
  • Fill up dead space in an empty corner by placing a tall, narrow birdcage there filled with sculpture or plants
  • Place three pillar candles of varying heights inside a birdcage to create a romantic and ethereal mood in a room

Other birdcage décor themes

Birdcages also appear in other household items, of course, such as birdcage bookends, birdcage mirrors and birdcage baskets in which to store assorted knick knacks. Then there is a selection of fabulous birdcage wallpapers to choose from, or even bed sheets.

Birdcages as furniture

Birdcages don’t just have to work as accessories. If they’re large enough, and have shelves added to them, they can even double up as a display unit for a hallway, bedroom or sitting room. In other words, birdcages can be as flexible as your imagination allows.

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