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Ecoya candles and Ecoya diffusers in Australia


The home-grown philosophy of popular Australian candle company Ecoya

It may be famous today for a range of fragrances for both home and body, but well-known Australian home scent brand Ecoya first started life as a natural candle company. Indeed it’s name it’s an abbreviated combination of the words ECOlogical and sOYA (the latter after the natural soy wax and other plant-based candles produced by the company).

Ecoya founder, Australian Craig Schweighoffer chose to start up his business in Botany Bay (the landing place of James Cook back in 1770) thanks to the fact the area is renowned for its abundant plant life (soya wax is produced from the humble soya bean).

Today the company has around 60 employees and there are plans to expand even further afield. Meanwhile, as well as online, their candles and other products can be found in department stores and specialist boutiques in 25 other countries around the globe such as Hong Kong, New Zealand and America.

From ‘six signature scents’ to a range of home décor and body products

Ecoya as a company boasts six signature scents. Schweighoffer was convinced this chosen six would reach a wide range of customers (aged from teens to pensioners) and would help them celebrate a host of different occasions, as well as seasons throughout the year.

Today as well as selling a range of soy wax candles in jars, the company has added a range of branded Ecoya diffusers and soy melts. It has also recently launched a skin care selection with bath and body products now available to purchase under the Ecoya banner.

Why Ecoya soy-based candles are better for the environment – and humans

Soya-based candles produce a whopping 90 per cent less soot when burned than ordinary paraffin wax candles. That means no dirty soot marks on walls, as well as much healthier air to inhale.

Ecoya candles are free from a range of environmental and other nasties such as:

  • Petroleum, paraffin or beeswax
  • Toxic materials
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Genetically Modified Material

Better still, they are not tested on animals, are biodegradable and even kosher certified.

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