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Framed Prints in Australia 

Swap the current artwork you have in your sitting room, bedroom or hallway and watch how it can alter the mood of the room. You can add a pop of colour via framed prints to help modernise a room or give a relaxed air with pretty watercolours. But buy framed prints without thinking about where you're going to put them and the effect won't be quite as impressive. In fact, hanging framed artwork, like producing it in the first place, is all about balance i.e. of colour, space and proportion. How you display your framed prints is crucial (just ask any gallery owner). And for that reason, we've come up with some suggestions for you right here:

  • You could get a range of framed artwork and circle it around a favourite item such as a striking mirror or even a table lamp. Happily this would make that particular item stand out even more. It's a good idea to 'hang it' on the floor first though just to see what it will look like when on the wall.
  • You don't actually have to centre a mirror on a mantle or console table etc. But do have another decorative object alongside it to 'balance' things a bit.
  • Got a collection of similar prints or at least on a similar theme? Then why not hang them all up together in a uniform fashion i.e. cover the whole wall, even if that means some prints are semi-obliterated by a coffee table? This can prove truly dramatic.
  • Put lots of framed artwork up on the walls of a small room to get a dramatic busy-feeling effect and lessen the feeling of being 'pushed for space'.
  • Around a group of framed artworks (say four or five) across a wall in a horizontal fashion (rather than grouping them together two up and two down).
  • Hang your framed artwork from two points if possible i.e. either side of the frame. This way it's less likely to fall off or to 'shift' as time goes on.

Meanwhile, why not take a look at our framed prints in Australia at the Bowery today?

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