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Gifts for kids in Australia


Buying gifts for kids – educational presents

When buying gifts for children it’s always a good idea to go for a fun, educational gift such as a world map poster, a globe for their bedroom, or world globe book ends. Both young kids and teenagers with a thirst for knowledge and the travel bug will appreciate these gifts – regardless of whether they are male or female.

Board games are good too, especially if there is a crowd playing as this helps with social interaction and, if there is money involved, arithmetic too. Likewise Scrabble can help with spelling.

In other words, you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying a state-of-the-art computer game to improve your child’s dexterity or mental agility – the old games work just as well (you may have to do a bit of persuading to get them to put the games console away in the first place though).

Buying gifts for girls and boys

Animal posters (whether lifelike or caricature) and ornaments tend to go down well with the fairer sex while boys tend to opt more for cars, motorbikes and other mechanical means of travel. Of course, this is a gross generalisation but on the whole the sexes do tend to fall in to their respective camps.

Sports mementoes and posters can appeal to both males and females and there is certainly nothing wrong with a little sports personality idolising (it’s a lot healthier than an infatuation over a pop star, we’d venture to suggest).

Girls, more than boys, tend to like to decorate their bedrooms so anything interior design-wise that fits in with her tastes such as LED string lights or a string of funky cotton balls, usually goes down very well. Just make sure you get the colour scheme right to begin with.

Buying gifts for children which are IT-related

Thankfully you don’t have to purchase an actual gadget to get something a child would appreciate IT-wise. Inexpensive items such as iPad holders, table cushions, iPad and smart phone covers and earphones all usually go down very well as a gift for gadget loving youngsters. And they’re always very much appreciated, we’ve found.

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