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Gifts for men in Australia


Best kind of gifts to buy the men in your life

When it comes to shopping for gifts for our girlfriends and female family members it’s an absolute doddle. Cross the line though and search instead for the male members of our acquaintance and it’s not such a thrill. That’s because men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Why is this? Women everywhere are still trying to work it out. However, in a bid to try and help you here our checklist of gifts for men in Australia:

Best for dads

They do tend to end up with the same aftershave year after year on Christmas and birthdays - not to mention socks, toffees, jumpers and woolly hats. So – if you can afford it - why not go up a rung and buy him designer, rather than shop versions?

Best for brothers

World maps, globe book ends and sports pictures all tend to appeal to brothers – reminding them that they have still to settle that wanderlust of theirs. Booze is a good addition (provided it’s a quality bottle). Thankfully you are allowed to vary the aftershave or eau de toilette here.

Best for boyfriends or hubbys

Our other halves often don’t mind dropping us the odd clue as to what they would like as a gift (especially if they are a long-established boyfriend or husband) but what about those men in our lives who poo poo all our suggestions? Then it’s time for you to take the matter into your own hands. Here’s what we suggest you consider buying as a gift for him:

  • A rucksack. It’s not telling him to get lost but rather giving him a bit of freedom to go off for a day or two if he fancies
  • A leather-bound notebook. The would-be novelist will love this one to jot down his ideas in. Let’s hope he puts his moans in there too rather than share them with you
  • Vintage metal wall clock. Well, you don’t want him to have an excuse for being late on your dates as time goes on
  • Scented candle. Who says it’s only women who enjoy the flicker of a lit candle in the bath?

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