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Gifts for teachers in Australia


Gift ideas for teachers

These days it seems just about every child in class brings in a gift for teacher at the end of the school year. It’s not something that teachers ever expected, we’re sure, but it now seems to have become de rigueur for our kids to want to present teacher with a little memento before moving on up the educational ladder. And it can prove a difficult task for parents deciding what to buy teacher.

A recent survey of teachers enlightened us here at the Bowery as to the type of gifts those in the profession did and didn’t appreciate. And we’re going to share those survey results with you right here:

Gifts for teachers they don’t like receiving

  • Coffee mugs are a never-ending thing as far as teachers are concerned. There is never enough cupboard space to house them all for starters.
  • Cakes, biscuits, chocolates and sweets. It’s tempting to bake or buy something but multiply that x 30 pupils in the class and you’ll know where we’re coming from here…
  • Teddy bears and other stuffed animals
  • Teacher key rings, pencil holders etc. Like the sweets, these can accumulate too – and often there’s simply not enough desk space for all this type of paraphernalia

 Gifts for teachers they do like receiving

  • Scented candles always go down well. Who doesn’t like scented candles after all?
  • By the same token as above, scented bath oil is usually a big hit as well
  • Self-made gifts from pupils where they’ve obviously thought about it and put some effort in
  • Gift cards for a favourite online store such as Amazon or a physical shop (eg the local coffee shop)
  • New classroom books or board games to keep the kids amused when it rains at playtime
  • Pens or notepads with the teacher’s name on them. This way she or he can be sure the kids don’t pinch them all the time
  • A fruit basket never goes amiss. We all need those vitamins and minerals to keep us energetic and a teacher is no exception

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