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Gold homewares in Australia

How to ‘Go for Gold’ in your interior design

Get year-round glamour and glitz in your home by adding gold or rose gold homeware to rooms in the form of picture frames, clocks and ornaments. Gold accents are incredibly trendy right now and it’s a lovely metal with which to decorate since it has a lovely shiny, cheering glow and will always reflect natural light, making your home seem even brighter.

Of course you can branch out and add a touch of gold with your furniture and fabrics too such as gold brocade on curtains (with matching gold curtain rods and hooks) or gold thread on cushion covers. Then again, how about a little gold paint on some woodwork to really make a chair or little wooden stool stand out?

Bring gold to the table

Gold ornaments with a food theme or gold candlesticks look great on a dinner table as does a gold table runner. Painted gold table legs can also prove a stunning make-over for a tired old wooden table. Alternatively, consider gold table mats or golden wine goblets. Just try and remember not to overdo it!

Add glamour to your walls

Apart from gold wallpaper or paint, another way to bring some shine to your walls is to add gold accessories such as a gold framed painting or gold framed mirror. Choose between a modern design and traditional Edwardian over mantle mirror for more of a shabby chic or Baroque look. And don’t just restrict it to the living room – try out the glitzy look in the bedroom too.

Let gold shine – quite literally

We mentioned how the metal gold reflected natural light – well, it also does pretty well with an artificial light source too. Gold makes an excellent shade for a pendant light, chandelier or wall sconces since it matches in with most other colour shades. Gold lamps and other light fittings with this colour in them really do create a sparkle to the rooms in your home. Consider too adding light with rose gold distressed textured wax flameless LED candles – they’re far safer than the traditional flame versions and last longer too.

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