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Hurricane candle holders in Australia


Decorating with glass hurricane vases

Glass Hurricane lamps are the traditional lighting fixtures of old. They tend to be tall glass containers for candles to sit in to provide a glow. They made excellent lamps thanks to the fact their glass chimney prevented the light from the candle extinguishing from a gust of wind or rain. Happily the glass sides also prevented curtains, table clothes or even clothes from catching fire on the flame. At the Bowery here in Australia we have a selection of hurricane lamps in various sizes, shapes, textures and decor themes. In the meantime, why not take a look through the following guide on how to use hurricane vases throughout your home and garden:

Tips for using a glass hurricane candle holder

Firstly, always make sure the glass on your Garvin silver hurricane lamp - or whatever type you have - is sparkling clean so that you don't waste any of that lovely glow from shining through. In other words, get rid of those finger prints from last time.

  • If you've more than one lantern then group them together to make an even bigger effect. It's fine if they are different sizes, colours and shapes. Interior designers advise grouping objects in odd numbers i.e. three, five etc.
  • Inside your home a Hurricane lantern can look terrific when placed together with some books and a photo frames in order to create a 'focal scene' in your room.
  • A balloon glass Hurricane lamp has quite an effect when strung above an outside doorway or from a garden fence.
  • If the Hurricane lantern you happen to be using is large enough then group several candles of varying heights inside. This can look pretty stunning, especially in winter with all candles glowing.
  • When choosing a Hurricane lantern make sure you get one which isn't too bright or patterned. That's because you want all the attention to come from the glow of the candle - rather than the surface of the lamp.

Have we persuaded you to invest in a Hurricane lamp for decorating purposes yet - or were you already convinced?

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