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iPad Cushion in Australia


iPad Pillow in Australia

The Bowery is delighted to announce the addition of the iPad cushion or bean bag or pillow or whatever you want to call it to our line of homewares and accessories.

This tablet or iPad cushion is a triangular design that perfectly positions the iPad for viewing. It’s small and portable, which makes it perfect for airline travel where it can serve double duty as a pillow for long haul flights.

As a matter of fact, iPad cushions come in such an ergonomically unique and useful shapes that we have no doubt that you’ll think of a million other uses for it.

It can be used as a support for a Kindle device or iPod as well as any other electronic devices that have trouble standing on their own to view their display. It’s perfect to get the correct viewing angle for a skype call on your table or iPad.

An entire industry has grown up around the electronics industry as the need for various improvements to the usability of electronic devices become apparent after a period of using these devices. It’s not long after a device has been introduced that someone thinks of an accessory to improve it.

We’re confident that somewhere, someone has visualised this exact item as being just what they need to make their smartphone, tablet or iPad less of a hassle to use. The fact that you can carry it along with you on a plane trip to use as a travel pillow is just a bonus.

The pillows come in Steel Blue, Peacock Blue, Energy Red and Ebony Black in soft stuffed cloth that you can stuff in any backpack or bag. Get in the habit of keeping one on you whenever you bring along your iPad, tablet or Kindle.

The price of these pillows is just $29.95 AUD with a $10 AUD shipping charge. If your order is over $100 AUD, however, we’ll ship your order absolutely free.


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