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iPad bean bag in Australia


Why you should consider buying Padpod Accessories

A cute little support cushion (which actually resembles a pyramid-shaped mini beanbag), the Padpod is fantastic for holding up anything you want to read – whether it’s an electronic device such as an iPad,Tablet or Smartphone, a cookery book in the kitchen or even a novel while you’re propped up in bed.

But its uses aren’t just restricted to inside the home. The Padpod can also be used while you’re travelling in a car, train, or plane. The best bits are that it’s lightweight, easy to carry around and there’s no need for any Velcro or other adhesives to keep the electronic device or book upright.

How did the idea for the Padpod develop?

What’s lovely about the story behind the clever Padpod is that it was initially created by a teenager (Ellie Jane) from Melbourne. The inventive youngster thought up the padpod concept not to make money but to answer a need – that of her exasperated grandmother who couldn’t get comfortable when trying to look at her own iPad and eReader for what she considered a reasonable length of time.

Ellie Jane, 13, couldn’t find any stands that could help her grandmother so she made her own with the use of a sewing machine.  Made from polyester and spandex then filled with beans, the Padpod differs from other similar items on the market due to its pyramid shape, which promotes stability.

The orders for Ellie Jane’s invention poured in from friends and relatives. At the same time Ellie’s mum Jenny who is an occupational therapist advised her daughter on the best ergonomic angles so that the product would be safe as well as very comfortable for users.

The pair then found a local manufacturer in a Melbourne suburb to make them an initial run of around 1500 Podpads. In doing so they ignored the advice of business advisers who urged them to have the Padpod manufactured in China. That’s because they were determined to keep the work local to Australia.

 A second batch of Padpods has already been produced. Meanwhile Ellie Jane and her mum are now considering marketing them as corporate gifts.

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