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Large Wall Art in Australia


Large Wall Art Solutions to Your Blank Wall Problems

So you have a large, windowless wall that you need to fill in. It’s a blank canvas that is just begging to be utilised!

But how best to do it?

It can be disconcerting to have to come up with a large-scale idea to suit such a large-scale area. Whatever large wall art you choose to decorate the wall with is obviously going to have quite a commanding presence.

While there is no sure-fire way to get it right, here are just a few ideas to utilise the gift of space, and create a unique and interesting feature in your house.

Create a Wallpaper Feature

Using wallpaper to create a feature wall in your house is a simple and cost-effective way to give the wall the character you’re looking for. By tying in elements of the surrounding décor, you can enhance any space simply and quickly, whether it be your bedroom, living room or office.

And you won’t have to wait for an art sale to get a good value buy – wallpaper is a cheap and cheerful solution that can have a massive impact on a room. No matter the size of the wall, wallpaper is a foolproof way to make it pop.

A Collage of Framed Prints

What’s better than one framed print? Many framed prints. If you’ve got a lot of area to cover, how about making a collage out of a variety of images on canvas, whether they tie together or are more of a random mix.

You can hang them either in a regimented, orderly pattern, or in a way that gives a sense of them being splashed against the wall. Have fun with the messiness of it!


Decals offer an unobtrusive and sleek wall decorating solution. Much like wallpaper, they appear to be part of the wall itself. You can choose a simple pattern, a beautiful piece of imagery, or display a bit of wording that is meaningful to you.

A great option for kids’ bedrooms or play areas, extra large decals can have their imaginations running wild.

3D Wall Art

For something with an added dimension – literally – what about a stunning piece of 3D wall art? Whether it be a rustic piece of memorabilia (old farm windmill blades are an ever-popular choice) or something a bit more modern and clean, 3D wall art can pique the interest of your guests better than almost anything.

3D art is terrific when recycled, with the piece seeming to have its own story to tell. Again, why go to an art sale when you can find the art on a rural property or in a garage sale? Just ensure that your rustic choice fits in with the rest of your décor.

Utilising Fabrics

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to decorate a large wall, hanging a fabric up is an instant and interesting solution to your larger wall art problem.

Whether it be an interesting fabric you picked up on your travels, or an old family heirloom with tonnes of sentimental value, it’s as easy as picking up a set of stretcher bars from your local homewares store and mounting it where you choose.

Oversized Photographs

In these days of 20 megapixel phone cameras and every second person being a DSLR carrying amateur, extra large photographs can be sourced not only from professional photographers, but from your own collection.

A quality print hanging above your bed or in your living room can add a personal touch to your house, and will be a constant reminder of a special moment in your life.

Take a Moment to Reflect

Extra large and oversized mirrors offer unique qualities when it comes to decorating your wall. They are fantastically functional, not only giving you a chance to fix your hair on the way out of the house, but also seemingly doubling the space in your room.

A long, horizontal mirror is an excellent option to fill in a large space. It’s like an artwork, but the piece is always changing, and sometimes you’re the star! Be careful with positioning though – if your mirror reflects straight into your bathroom, you could be in for some unwanted views.

Fitting out a large wall needn’t be a chore. With a bit of inspiration, you’ll find the perfect choice for your space.

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