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Why you should consider smooth wax LED flameless candles to decorate

Smooth wax LED flameless candles have been growing in popularity over the last few years. And it's not difficult to understand why. Although just as pretty as a 'regular' wax candle (i.e. one which requires flame), these decorate objects and operated via a long-lasting electronic light meaning that if the candle is knocked over there is no immediate danger to furniture or worse, human skin via the spilling of hot wax.

You'll find too that for decorative purposes you can buy a flameless LED candles these days to fit in with any decor theme or accent colour, from rose gold, antique silver and even replicating a wax candle. Size-wise they range from the likes of antique flameless candle tea lights to large LED pillar candles.

 Other benefits of flameless LED candles

Apart from the non-fire hazard benefit of flameless LED candles, another big advantage is that they last far longer than original wax candles. in fact, the majority of average-sized LED candles give out around 80,000 hours of light per bulb. That's a lot of hours and will certainly see you through many celebrations over the years!

The candles are often equipped with a timer switch so that the bulb switches itself off after a certain number of hours. This doesn't just mean increased safety, but also that your candle will last longer.

With a flameless LED candle you can enjoy the beauty of candlelight in places where the real thing is banned such as in a public office, or outdoors on the patio when it's windy.

Unlike with a traditional candle, a smooth wax LED flameless candle will never lose its looks, since it doesn't burn down.

The advancements in flameless LED candles over the years

When they were first introduced flameless LED candles worked by electric light being beamed into a candle-shaped bulb. Today that's no longer the case with the majority of flameless LED candles now refacing light so that the candlelight appears more realistic.

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