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Enjoy Lighting flameless LED candles in Australia


Who is behind Australia’s hugely successful Enjoy brand?

A global concern, the Enjoy brand manufactures and distributes real wax flameless candles throughout Australasia and Europe.

Just six years old (having launched in February 2010 in Sydney), the Melbourne-based company – which is run by business consultants Lisa and David Carrick – supplies its products for events and national displays (their candles even featured in  the Fashion Week catwalk in 2012). Not only that but you may also have recognised their flameless LED candles on popular prime time TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

Australian celebrity fans who use the Enjoy brand

Such is the wide-reaching appeal of the brand that it’s also come to the attention of some of Australia’s biggest household names such as singer Dannii Minogue and house stylist Megan Morton, as well as popular Oz interior designer Shaynna Blaze (the latter even has her very own signature collection). All say they are impressed with the workmanship which goes into candle in order to enhance its realism.

Why choose a flameless LED candle as opposed to a wax or soy version?

Undoubtedly the biggest benefit from using a flameless LED candle (rather than a candle with a real flame) in your home is the reduced risk of fire on the premises – especially if there happens to be children or pets running around. Not only that but if someone does go too near the flame they won’t risk getting burnt, since the flameless candle doesn’t heat up. Nor will the chemicals in the wax fragrance or the heat of the flame prove irritating to the eyes of those sitting nearby.

Another plus is the fact that flameless candles don’t burn smoke which can eventually mark walls near where the candle sits. Neither do they produce hot wax which can itself ruin furniture – particularly textiles.

Flameless LED candles are also pretty inexpensive money-wise considering they can run from rechargeable batteries and last for years - unlike the average wax or soy candle which will have a burn time of around eight hours and afterwards you’ve nothing to show for what you’ve bought other than a rather large and unsightly pile of melted wax.

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