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Selecting the Perfect Piece of Living Room Wall Art

 The living room is the heart of the house. It’s where the family gathers to share time and make memories. It’s where you entertain guests and where you spend your leisure time. It’s probably safe to say that you spend more conscious hours in your living room than you do anywhere else in your house.

 With all that in mind, getting the feeling of the room right is all important. Whether you’re into Feng Shui or not, there is a lot to be said for a well laid out and well decorated space. You can dramatically affect the mood of the area with wisely chosen and positioned furniture and decoration, so getting the balance right should be at the front of every home owner’s mind. You’re certainly going to spend more waking hours looking at your living room wall art than you are your bedroom wall art.

 Choosing the wall art for your living room is an important task. While each space will have its own unique attributes that will need to be taken into account, there are some general tips that may help you in your quest for the perfect pieces. Whether you need an artwork that’s modern and contemporary, something rustic and antique, or something to match your décor, here are some handy hints for choosing the right wall artwork for your living room.

 Consider Size

There is a generally agreed upon ‘safe zone’ when it comes to the size of living room wall art. Pieces with measurements between 30cm and 120cm are generally thought to be able to be utilised on almost any wall in a house, no matter how small, large, busy or blank. If you think you might want to change up the look of your house semi-often by moving your art, aim for works in this range.

For impact pieces though, particularly modern and contemporary ones, size can vary hugely. For large scale contemporary works you can go so crazy as to get something that takes up two thirds to three quarters of your wall, but bear in mind that these pieces are hard to move (and store) once bought.

Go With Your Gut

As we know, art is subjective. That means that everybody’s taste is different. You can’t rely on what someone else tells you to buy, as they will most likely see art through a different lens than you. An advisor’s choice of framed prints might be totally opposite to your choice of a metal wall-hanging sculpture.

So be confident enough to trust your gut. If you like something, buy it. Your living room should be a reflection of you – your likes, your personality your style – so purchasing pieces that have been hand-picked by you and your family will give the room a very personal feel.

Use the Power of the Web

With the internet making the entire art world just a click away, there has never been a better time to shop for art. You can be as specific as you like – more often than not you will be able to find paintings or prints that are exactly what you’re after.

The other great thing about using the internet is the access it gives to original works. There’s no need to get a copy of a nice work – you could find an entirely unique piece at a great price just by keying in the right search terms.

Work out Who Your Favourite Artist Is

A great way to theme not only your living room, but other rooms in your house, is to fill it with works by the same artist. Buying multiple works from one artist can bring a sense of cohesion to a space, and if the works match your décor, all the better.

Large contemporary framed paintings and modern artwork can be very affordable if bought in ‘bulk’, so you might save yourself a few cents as well!

Art Is Much More than Just Paintings and Prints

Photography, 3D wall art, framed collectibles – when shopping for art, don’t put the tunnel vision on and go straight for the painting and print section. Other forms of art will fit your living room just as well, and will often have more of an impact when hung.

There’s no sure-fire recipe for success when it comes to choosing living room wall art, but by being open to anything and by trusting your instincts, you could be well on your way to the perfectly decorated living room that you’ve dreamt of.

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