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Wall clocks, table clocks, mantle clocks; there are a variety of possible locations to rest decorative clocks, and there can be pressure to choose the right clock when the options are often so never-ending and overwhelming.

The London Clock Company have been operating since 1922, and offer not only a huge amount of expertise, but a huge range of clocks. So whatever your needs – designer wall clocks, decorative clocks, or a simple item for the bedside table – we can help you with both the choice and purchase of the perfect clock for your space.

Here are just a few tips to choosing the right clock from the experts at the London Clock Company.

Size Matters

Sure, you need your clock to be functional, but you also need it to fit the space that you have for it. Wall clocks and table clocks need to fit the space that they are purchased for. Just as large wall clocks will look out of place in small bathroom spaces, so too will a small modern clocks look out of place on big antique tables and mantles.

When judging what size clock you’ll require, the size of a wall is only half of the equation. It will also matter how many wall hangings are already on display. If it’s a large wall, but already cluttered with hangings, a large wall clock won’t be your best bet, a smaller one will. Large wall clocks only usually work on large blank walls. Keep this in mind when shopping online.

Before you jump online or go to a store, it may be an idea to measure your wall to check exactly how much space you have to work with.

Contemplating Colour

If your house is a neutral colour, adding colourful decorative clocks can help give the room a lively accent. A London clock with a burst of colour can fill a room with warmth and personality, as well as an ability to tell what time it is.

In an otherwise dark room, a light mantle clock may be a worthy addition. At the same time, a dark modern clock in a light setting can give that same classy look.

Instead of an accent, you may want to tie in the colour of your wall clocks, table clocks or mantle clocks to that of your room. In this case, it’s worth looking around to find a colour that will tie in to your clock choice. Maybe a rug in the room has a splash of orange, or the couch cushions have a dominant blue. Look around for inspiration.

When looking at clocks online, remember that the colour may not be exactly represented on your computer screen.

Why Stop At One?

Clustering a bunch of clocks together can add a great focal point to your wall. Getting a variety of designs that work well together, and then arranging them in an interesting pattern, can do more for a wall than any static work of art.

Designer wall clocks stacked vertically on top of one another, large wall clocks arranged side-by-side, smaller wall clocks that are positioned in a star formation; the options are endless. And by lining up their motor movements and having them tick ‘in time’, you give the impression of the cluster moving as one.

Alternatively, you could do the classic newsroom ‘different clocks in different time zones’ arrangement.

Match the Room

Living in a stately country house and looking for a mantle clock for above the fire? Maybe keep away from shopping in the modern clocks section. The same goes for a crisp new apartment – an antique clock, while offering a great accent in very certain situations, may not be for you.

Ensure that you read the room prior to shopping online or in-store for your perfect clock. If your room lends heavily on timber, see if you can find a wall clock that is earthier and more natural. But if your living space is more crisp and modern, a cleaner and sharper looking clock may be for you.

London Clock have strived to offer the best range of clocks to fill every possible needs since 1922. So shop for clocks online with us today, or contact us for our expert opinion on the best clock for your situation.

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