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Metallic homewares in Australia 


How to add glamour to your home with metallics

Using metallic accessories and home décor ie those metal home accessories made from copper, silver or gold leaf – as well as a host of other metals such as brass, nickel, titanium and platinum – can really add some Hollywood-style glitz and glamour to a room. And the beauty is you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve such a look. Really, it’s all about layering. And here’s how to do it:

Less is definitely more

Combine white and gold for a really elegant and glam look. Even something as simple as gold candlesticks with white candles can look elegant. Or how about a white wooden picture frame beside a gold ornament or bowl? Just don’t crowd too many different metallics together on the one coffee table or mantle piece though, otherwise it can all get a bit too overwhelming. Do invest in little accessories though as these are more affordable than a large piece of furniture such as a gold-leaf sideboard, and will have just as glitzy an effect.

Use metallic home décor items to brighten your home

Really add some space and light to a staircase or dark corner with a gold-rimmed mirror – or even a silver or copper version for that matter. That’s because if near a window, then sunlight will bounce off both the mirror and the frame, giving twice the brightness effect. And, if there’s a favourite object in the room, such as a chandelier, then make sure the mirror sits opposite it – so that it’ll appear twice ie once in reality and once in the mirror.

Introduce the new ‘rose gold’ into the home décor metals mix

Who says silver and gold don’t go? Put both metals together for a look of decadence ie a silver photo frame beside a gold lamp. Rose gold is the trendy new home decor metallics shade. This warm, pinkish gold, can be paired beautifully with white accessories to offset the ‘bling’ effect. Many interior designers agree that there is a trick to combining metals – and that’s to always have one metal which is more dominant than the others.

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