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Neutral homewares in Australia


Where neutral décor accessories fit into your home

For starters, lets hit that old myth on the head about netural colours being boring right here. Contrary to popular opinion bright, bold colours aren’t necessarily better when it comes to interior design. A pop of colour usually works – but only if it’s balanced with neutral shades.

What is a ‘neutral’ shade

A neutral shade is anything that isn’t bold, colourful and in your face. White, greys and light pastel shades tend to be classed as neutral. You’ll find too that neutral colours are those which provide a sense of calm.

Furniture and textures look better in a neutral colour scheme

When there are no colours blocking out the view, we tend to appreciate the textures of fabrics and furniture better. To this end, if you do enter a well-decorated room that has a neutral colour palette you’ll find an abundance of different – and exciting – textures such as mohair, hessian, thick wool, velvet etc. This is also referred to as ‘layering textiles.’ One design style that is famous for its basis on a neutral colour schemes and layering textures is Scandinavian where wood, silver and fur all play a major part in making a cool coloured room into somewhere warm and cosy.

It’s not easy to get fed-up with a neutral colour scheme

You won’t go off a neutral décor scheme the same way you would with bright in-your-face colours. If you do have the need for a bit of colour then you simply need to invest in a few choice accessories such as bright cushion covers, lampshades or a throw or two and you’ll instantly have your pop of colour. And, of course, it’s easy to change this colour if, a few years down the line, you prefer another one.

Why neutral backdrops are best

As we touched on above, a neutral paint scheme allows other items in the room to shine. For instance, you may have a beautiful piece of carpentry in the form of a dining table that you want to show off or you may be delighted with the cornice or even the shape of the room and want to make those main features areas – this is so much simpler achieved with a neutral backdrop.

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