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Easy Steps to Choosing Your Home’s Ideal Oil Paintings

Nothing can quite compete with the visual appeal of a quality oil painting. One of the most respected art mediums in history, for centuries people have used oil paintings to raise the aesthetic of their homes, and to bring an effortless charm to any room.

Thankfully, at no point in history has buying an oil painting been easier or more affordable. While our Renaissance counterparts had to pay an arm and a leg to get a fine work (and probably did), we have the sale-heavy marketplace of oil paintings online to keep sellers on their competitive toes.

The oil on canvas options are seemingly endless, and if you’re patient and have an idea of what will suit your space, you could be bringing home the ideal piece of wall art for your home. This endless array of options has a downside though – many people are overawed by the sheer number of options that they have to choose from. Without knowing a few basics to assist you in your artwork shopping, you could find yourself pulling your hair out and grinding your teeth.

So where do you start when it comes to shopping for your ideal oil painting?

These simple tips may help.

Get Inspired

Note a piece of furniture or design element in the room that you love, and use that as a reference point for the style of oil painting that you choose. You may have, for example, a vibrant rug on your living room floor. Perhaps you have a favourite set of bed linen that would tie in well with a particular style of oil on canvas hanging above it in your bedroom.

The dominant colours in these focal points will give you a good starting point when it comes to choosing your painting. If there are bold elements of green in the rug, look for a matching green in a painting.

Abstract oil paintings are great for adding both texture and colour to a room, and are ideal for more modern abodes. If you’ve got a charming old townhouse, something more vintage may suit. There can certainly be crossover though – using an abstract piece in an old home or a vintage looking painting in a new home can break up the look of a room nicely.

Fit the Space

Take a mental snapshot of the wall that you are planning to hang the artwork on. Get a feel for the size, the surroundings and the light. Maybe get a tape measure and check the exact measurements that you’ve got to work with. Once you have a clear picture in your mind, you can use it to shop around at an art sale for the ideal framed painting.

When it comes to space, and how large or small you want your picture to be on the wall, things can get a bit subjective. As a rule of thumb, ‘standard’ sized oil paintings – those that have measurements between 30cm and 120cm – can be hung almost anywhere without looking odd or out of place.

Go beyond those size boundaries, and you’ll need to seriously take into account the wall size. Paintings with dimensions smaller than 30cm start to only be viable in bathroom type spaces, while large framed paintings over 120cm require a particularly spacious wall to work.

Mix Your Mediums

Just as an abstract and contemporary oil painting can work well in an older style setting, you can also mix oils with other mediums. Decals, canvas prints and fabrics can all work well in a mix throughout a home, but it usually helps if they’ve got a theme running through them, such as a dominant colour.

You could even try and mix wall art mediums in a collage, with your framed prints together with your framed oils. If done correctly, this can add an interesting feature to a bedroom or living room wall.

Choosing oil paintings online or in-store for your space might seem like a tough ask, but by getting an idea of what will work in your space, and hitting an online or art gallery sale to see what’s available, you’ll soon be flooded with ideas of what will work.

Just be happy to trust your instinct.

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