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Origami framed artwork in Australia 


What exactly is origami artwork?

Origami itself is the art of paper folding. It originated in Japan and involves creating a 3D sculpture from a flat sheet of paper by repeatedly folding the paper (and without glue or scissors). The most common type of origami artworks include butterflies and cranes.

How to display framed origami artwork

  • Place a small model on your desk at work to give you inspiration from time to time
  • Hang some similarly coloured, themed or sized origami together in a cluster or symmetrical form.
  • Place matching origami framed artwork along the mantle piece or a console table
  • Sit the frames on the top of a piano or window sill
  • Many interior designers insist artwork should be hung at eye-level to get the best view but of course, this is subjective.
  • It possible to make your artwork the focal point of the room by minimising the dramatic effect of the furniture and fabric in the room.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. If you don't like it one way, then change it around until you do. Thinking this way should make you more experimental.

How to choose origami framed artwork

  • Look at the size of space on your wall, mantle piece etc that you'd like to cover with the origami artwork. Buying framed artwork that's too small will look lost while purchasing artwork that's too large will tend to dominate the room.¬† Make sure you've left some 'white' wall space around the artwork too.
  • Next, look for artwork that fits in with the rest of the room in which you intend to hang it. Is there an accent colour that the predominant colour in the artwork matches? If so, then it's a good bet it'll harmonise with its surroundings in your home.
  • Origami framed artwork will work very well in most room themes, especially contemporary and shabby chic. It could work in a vintage theme too provided the frame itself was vintage or had been produced to have a antiquated look.

If framed origami artworks appeal to your design aesthete then why not take a look through our selection at the Bowery, Australia today?

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