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How to decorate with poster and photo frames

Hanging or standing poster and photo frames in your home is a great way to let visitors to your home see what your personality and style is all about.

There are so many creative ways to do this that it takes time to sit down and consider what will work best for you. Here we present you with some of our favourite ideas:

Tips to display photo frame and poster frames in your home

  • If you're a bit of a free spirited type then a good way to express this would be to mix up an eclectic assortment of different frames and images and hang them in an informal and 'scattered' way. Just have a couple of frames that match in terms of colour.
  • More of a OCD type who prefers a more regimented and 'clean' look? Then hanging matching frames in a 'four pattern' with the spacing evenly matched between each poster frame, would be more your style.
  • Put up a couple of shelves to display your photo frames on and do it in a varied and eclectic way to add interest. This way you can create layers and change them around when the mood takes you.
  • One of the classic ways to put up stylish poster and photo frames is to set them in a matching sequence of three or five. This can certainly result in a pretty dramatic look.
  • Have a tall picture ledge? Then consider hanging a collection of photos above this for an unusual look.

 Other clever ways to use photo frames

You don't always have to put photos or pictures into frames. There are so many ways to be create with them. For instance:

  • How often have you come across a piece of beautiful fabric and wish you could see it more? Simple frame it and put it up on the wall or mantle!
  • A real cute way to display photos and cards is to string several pieces of wire across a frame and hang photos using little wooden pegs.
  • Consider stapling a piece of canvas on the back of the frame then attaching a piece of favourite jewellery inside the frame for a dazzling and unusual look.

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