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Reed diffusers in Australia


How to decorate your home using room fragrance diffusers

Buy fragrant diffusers to really give your home an atmospheric boost. That's because a new scent from a reed diffuser can introduce a freshness to a room and even change the mood in it - depending on how stimulating or even seductive the scent happens to be.

In the past most of us probably used a spray room freshener to get rid of stale air in the room or just to inject a more pleasant fragrance. These days though it's far more ecologically sensible to use a reed diffusers since there's no threat to the ozone layer - in terms of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Neither is there any fire risk using room fragrance diffusers (unlike with scented candles). Neither are they the fire hard which can be caused by candles and for this reason they are excellent for areas where you can't always keep an eye on it e.g. a hallway or bedroom.

How a reed diffuser works

The wooden reeds (usually made of natural bamboo) soak up the fragrance in the oil and allow it to permeate the air in a room. Reed diffusers tend to be long-lasting since it takes quite a while for the oil in the bottle to evaporate.

Evoking special memories using reed diffusers

Ask any scientist and they will tell you that scent is a powerful means of firing up our imaginations and stirring our memories. That's why reed diffusers are an excellent means of 'setting the scene' for a cosy night in at home with your loved one, for a spring party or even to evoke the memories of christmas time.

And talking of christmas, reed diffusers are a great idea for a christmas gift for a friend or female relative. And actually, they work well as a gift throughout the years since there is no seasonal tie to the various fragrances that can be enjoyed.

Scents to freshen your home

The type of scents we use in our room fragrance diffusers here at the Bowery include the likes of the wonderful sounding creamy vanilla and coconut; lotus flower & topaz water; fresh cotton and lavender; gooseberry & peach and - another delicious-sounding combination for the sweet-toothed amongst us - vanilla and brown sugar.

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