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Round and circular wall decor in Australia


How to decorate with circles

When it comes to shapes, the circle is the one which moved human civilisation along more than any other – thanks to the invention of the wheel. In terms of design that same circular motif signifies such concepts as wholeness and completion (in terms of the whole 360 degrees thing).

Why the circle has a light-hearted appeal

Personally we just think there is something fun about decorating with circles. Certainly, there is something ‘unstuffy’ about the circle. It doesn’t, for instance, have the same regularity or conforming feeling as the square or rectangle. In fact, circles ‘soften’ corners and other spaces, even making them feel more approachable. Many interior designers believe a circle design adds comfort and energy to a room.

Further symbolism of the circle

If you want to get all philosophical about the circle you can always look towards the notion of Karma (ie what goes around comes around). There is also the fact it is a symbol of femininity. Then there is the fact that the circle is self-perpetuating because there is no beginning or end.

How to add circles to your interior design

  • Lighting: Consider hanging a large round pendant light above a dining table or your favourite chair
  •  Mirrors:These are powerful anyway, thanks to their light-radiating power. Hang a circular mirror and you’ll magnify the effect
  • Pouf: A great and extremely easy way to soften some rectangular furniture is to introduce a knitted pouf (so that it will soften texture as well as shape-wise)
  • Tables: Whether it’s a large dining table or a small occasional table, round tables will certainly soften any hard edges in your home
  • Accessories: Lots of little round ornaments such as coasters, plant pots and vases can all add up to a ‘soft’ feeling and comfortable room
  • Frames: Whether it’s photographs, silhouettes or artworks, round frames look great when grouped together
  • Rugs: Like the pouf an easy way to add softness to a room is to put down a round rug and if it is softly textured then so much the better

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