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Scented Candles

Most people have memories of the mother’s putting out the scented candles whenever you were going to be expecting company. They signified a special occasion. Or, around the holidays we would catch the scent of Bayberry scented candles ringed with a holly wreath.

They always meant that a special occasion was coming up in our household and as fragrances trigger the most detailed memories, those scents have always reminded me of good times, parties, celebrations and above all else, family.

Scented candles didn’t always enjoy such an elevated status however. They were originally created to mask the harsh odor of the cheap wax being used in the candles themselves. Essential oils were added to the wax to mask these odors, and people started to appreciate this early aromatherapy in medieval Europe.

As people came to notice the candle as much for its decorative aesthetics and the fragrances it provided, they came to see it less as a necessary light source and more as a beautiful decorative accessory.

People began to pay more attention to the lowly candle as an object to be creatively designed and designers turned their inspiration loose on it.

Today, the candle is every bit as popular as it was when it was more of a necessity than a luxury and scented candles hold a special place in a skilled decorator’s heart. Scented candles can provide a mood to an otherwise drab room. They are the choice of realtors who want to show a home off to its best effect. They are also the choice of homemakers who want their own home to be a warm and inviting place in which to welcome guests.

The scented candle has always been a favourite of anyone who takes pride in their home and enjoys putting their best foot forward in showing off their décor.

To help decorators and homemakers provide the best in homewares for their homes, The Bowery is happy to be able to provide our customers with a range of the most elegant and finest designer scented candles.

Some of our line-up of candles consists of soy candles. These candles are created from soybean oil that has been solidified. They produce a superior container candle that has a lower melting point than the traditional candle, burns twice as long as the traditional candle and burns cleanly, without the sooty build-up and use of petroleum products that the traditional candle was infamous for.

Ecoya is the company that provides many of our more elegant line of scented candles. They’ve created a line of eco-friendly soy candles that are scented in Coconut and Elderflower.

We also have a wide variety of the Shadow’s brand of crackle textured pillar scented candles in multiple sizes featuring the fragrances of vanilla and coconut, French vanilla and jasmine tea, fresh cotton and lavender, gooseberry and peach, and lotus flower and topaz.

The range of our scented candles also includes a range of multi-coloured tea lights in packs of twelve and trio packs of glasses containing scented candles in lotus flower and topaz and gooseberry and peach. Shadow’s also offers their signature scents in large glass tumbler size candles.

All of these candles are soy candles meaning you’ve made a healthy eco-friendly choice in choosing these quality Shadow’s products. They’ll brighten up any area of the home and lend a festive air whenever you entertain guests.

Make Every Day Something Special

These fine quality candles are just the thing to illuminate the candle holders and accessories offered by The Bowery, In particular the scented tea lights look and smell wonderful when housed with the lattice framework candle holders included in our line. Mix and match to achieve the perfect pairing of candle holder and scented candle.

Our pillar scented candles are meant to be shown off as a decorative accent lending a soft luminance to your home. They can be paired with our other homewares to create the perfect warm look to add to your living room or entertainment space.

Unlike, the times of old, scented candles are not just for special occasions any more, they’re for making an everyday space special.  Use them to spice up your living spaces and bathrooms. Their subtle colors and pastel shades will complement any décor.

Explore the world of scented candles that the Bowery carries today and make your everyday something special.

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