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Why Scented Soy Candles are Good to Use for your Home

As a consumer looking to buy candles you have a choice between buying scented soy wax candles or going for 'traditional' paraffin candles. But perhaps you're not sure of the difference between both?

The advantages of soy candles

Soy candles are produced using hydrogenated oil derived from soya beans (which is naturally biodegradable). Some are also mixed with other waxes such as that from bees. Paraffin candles, meanwhile are made using petrol oil. Soy candles therefore are a much more eco-friendly choice to begin with (especially if they have been scented using essential oils rather than chemical scents).

Soy wax candles tend to burn far longer than the paraffin versions (up to twice as long in many cases). This puts the initial price of the candle higher than the paraffin version but when you realise the duration is much longer it actually makes the soy candle more profitable to buy in the long run.

Any spilled wax from soy candles is much easier to get out of clothing, a carpet etc than wax from a paraffin candle. You can simply use soap and water.

The actual smell of a soy candle tends not to be as strong as that of the paraffin candle meaning that it won't induce headaches in those who are susceptible to airborne chemicals. The smell from the soy wax candle will also be of a 'cleaner' nature.

A soy candle burns slowly and evenly, making it more attractive looking as it burns. It also doesn't produce any smoke so that a nearby wall won't end up with a blackened effect (which can happen with paraffin candles from time to time).

Soy wax candles are actually better to use around children and pets than their paraffin equivalents. That's because the wax in a soy candles doesn't burn to the same temperature as the paraffin candle.

Tips for burning soy candles

Always make sure the wick is around 1/4 inch in length so that it's easier to light. If the light is flickering then it may be too short and not burning as it should i.e. the top of the candle should be filled with liquid but also have a flame present.

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