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Silver homewares in Australia


Decorating with silver homewares

Using silver in a room – whether that’s with fabric containing silver thread, matte or glossy silver paint or silver home accessories - can really add a luxurious feel to your décor theme (in fact, some interior designers describe silver accents as “adding jewellery to a room”).  And indeed, silver accessories do give a room a much more elegant and chic aspect as well as bringing a sparkling and bright touch to even the darkest of corners.

In addition, silver isn’t quite as ‘harsh’ as gold which means it  can come across as relaxing and cosy when teamed up with suitable neutral fabric and furniture shades. This would make silver a good colour for a bedroom, especially since the metallic shade has also been regarded as a rather ‘romantic’ colour.

Using silver to denote gender in a room

Yes, you read that right – depending on what you pair it with silver can either become a feminine shade or a masculine for. In terms of the latter, for instance, add black, charcoal grey and beige while to make a room more feminine team silver with turquoise or pink.

Silver brings out the brightness of other home décor shades

Regardless of which particular ‘pop of colour’ shade you have chosen to team up with your silver home accessories, you’ll find that the silver really makes the colour stand out – thanks to the silver’s ‘grey’ undertones.

Silver and the Scandi interior design theme

Silver – along with white and similar neutrals - is huge when it comes to Scandinavian design. The design style is renowned for its simplicity and clean lines as well as its understated elegance and scaled-back style (which really became popular worldwide in the mid-1950s).

Earlier Swedish design style tended to lean towards Gustavian which contained white, silver and other neutral shades but had a much more decorative and flamboyant aspect to it.

The principle behind the Scandi décor theme is to use natural materials from the outside environment – such as wood and greenery - and in a manner which is functional without being fussy or using too much ornamentation. 

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