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Homewares with a splash of colour in Australia


What a ‘splash of colour’ can do for your interior design

Whether it's on a couple of cushions, the front of a photo frame or right in the centre of a rug, a splash of unexpected colour in a room can transform your living space from boring to breathtaking in a second.

Interior designers have known this for years and refer to the concept as a ‘pop of colour.’ More than one or two splashes and that ‘pop’ of brightness becomes an accent colour which is replicated in several home décor items in the room and perhaps an upholstered chair or even an accent wall.

Colours add a point of interest to a neutral room

Yes neutral shades invite light and shade into your rooms, but it’s colour that gives it real character and shows off your personality.

When it comes to adding artwork and accessories, as well as giving the room colour, these also give the impression of opulence (as well as a further hint towards your personality). Some wall art with a splash of colour, a large framed coloured photo or, for example, some 3D origami wall art can all prove a focal point of interest as well as a great talking point.

When you want to add more than a ‘splash’ of colour

A feature wall in a bright, bold colour is a great way to add colour to a neutral room. It can be any wall but do make sure it’s just the one otherwise it could all become a tad overwhelming.

Another way to add a large patch of colour to a living room or bedroom is to introduce a bright rug in a bold shade such as lime green, fire engine red or rich aubergine.

Furniture doesn’t always have to be brown or white

No indeed – the splash of colour in your room could come from your sofa or other upholstery items. A set of dining chairs upholstered in a bright ‘look at me’ fabric, for instance, would do just the job, as would a couple of ottomans placed strategically in the room

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