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Terrariums in Australia


How to decorate with terrariums and glass tumblers

Glass terrariums aren't just healthy to have in a room (if you fill them with plants and other greenery, that is). But they are also very attractive and useful receptacles for displaying a whole lot of favourite objects around your home - items that, because you love them so much, you don't want to get too dusty by having them out on display.

The green 'eco' aspect of the terrarium, of course, comes from the fact that if filled with plants these will give out CO2 - which is far healthier for us humans. It's also nice to have a bit of nature in our homes. Not only can this be cheering but the colours of plants or flowers can work decor-wise too in the form of accent colours (especially if your terrarium is large and situated in the centre of the room).

 Other ways of using terrariums and tumblers in your home

Consider an inspiring table decoration for your next dinner party by using a terrarium filled with different coloured flowers or even simply some silver or gold spray-painted twigs. Alternatively arrange the flowers in glass tumblers and place sporadically along table settings. The Kirby gold dots glass tumbler is excellent for this since it already comes with decorative gold accents.

  • A terrarium filled filled with silver or coloured baubles can be a great look for christmas - whether sitting on the mantlepiece or a tabletop.
  • Meanwhile a decorative glass tumbler filled with coloured sand and a succulent can prove an unusual table top decoration.
  • When you have a friend or relative's birthday coming up and you can't think what to get them, a terrarium or a set of glass tumblers may not be a bad idea at all.

Next time you may be considering decorating a smart dining table for a party, or when you're looking for an unusual coffee table or shelf decoration then it may be inspiring for you to take a look through our selection of terrariums and Kirby gold dots glass tumblers in Australia at the Bowery.

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