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Typography Wall Art in Australia


Interior design made simple with typography wall art

Looking for some wall art but fed up with the usual range of prints? Then why not look at purchasing some typography wall art instead?

These days there is such a varied selection of ready framed typography wall art around that you're bound to find something that appeals to you personally. Whether it's inspirational quotes montage-style you're looking for or even a piece of framed postcode pride then here at the Bowery we've got it sorted.

So today, vow to cover up that dead space on your wall with something which can give new meaning to words, letters, numbers and even grammatical points such as commas and apostrophes.

What is typography in its basic sense?

Simply put typography is creating an image with the above letters, characters and punctuation we referred to in the last line of this post. You'll find it everywhere you look - on street signs, t-shirts, adverts, movie posters and even book jackets.

Typography wall art can also be explained as a combination of graphic design and interior design. It's a growing trend within the field of home decor and getting even bigger thanks to wall decals and poster designs. Who hasn't seen the ubiquitous 'Keen Calm' posters, for instance? This imaginative form of wall art typically involves famous quotes and sentences from literature - especially those with a humorous or inspirational element.

How to display typography wall art

Consider the colours involved and the typeface e.g. certain fonts such as those reminiscent of roman numerals can give a vintage take on the lettering and look great in a shabby chic decor scheme.

Another way to display typography wall art in your home is to buy some blackboard paint and cover a wall (typically this works well in a kitchen). This way you can create your own temporary wall art by chalking different quotes and lettering on it (teach yourself some calligraphy and really go to town).

For a contemporary look try using bold, graphic style lettering in Roman numerals and and keep it simple. Consider using scale for drama.

Find out exactly what we mean by checking out our typography wall art at the Bowery and get inspired today.


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