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Wall Clocks for Form and Function

Prior to electronics and appliances in every room, the wall clock stood alone as the marker to keep your family punctual and your day on schedule. Today, the duty of its numbered face and ticking hands has expanded to include doubling down as a brilliant design element and striking focal point for spaces.

Merging both form and function, having a working wall clock in each room can be the beautiful reminder you need to get up and get going when smart phones and devices aren’t glued to our sides. In the bedroom, family room, kitchen and beyond, the classic timepiece can work with your decor to fill up empty wall space with added interest, and as one of the oldest human inventions, they’re a great way to incorporate a little history into the house When so many of our charming essentials have turned digital, a visually appealing clock calls back to simpler times.

Choosing the right option for you and your space is a similar balance of fashion and purpose. You’ll want to take into consideration the size of the wall area you have available, the aesthetic or stylized theme of the area to achieve a complementary overall appearance, as well as your family’s preference in clock design elements: think hands and numerals. The perfect choice will be easily read by those it’s meant for (i.e. big and clear for the kiddos versus Roman or more discreet numerals for the adults) and either seamlessly blend into it’s new home or provide a welcome pop of contrast in a specific aim to stand out.

As each room takes on its own persona and vibe, so too should the clock accenting it.


Finding the Right Place & Size

Working with the right amount of open space is paramount to properly showcasing a wall clock. Too little space and the wall can end up looking cluttering with the clock difficult to spot. Similarly, too much space around the outside of it just looks like you bought the wrong one. Plan bigger pieces for your wide open spaces where you’ll also be able to read the clock from across the room and in passing. Deck out your large areas like those above the mantle or glass dining room table and leave the smaller designer timepieces to act as subtle accents above shelves, on columns and other limited-space areas.

Keep your line of sight in mind as well when choosing the spot to hang your clock as spaces too high above the mantle or lower in a nook will bring the functionality of your piece down. Direct eye line or a few feet above should suffice for small to mid-size pieces and oversized clocks in areas with high ceilings may be placed a little higher. The same goes for clocks on decorative walls-- if it’s an open style clock where you can see the wall in its entirety behind the piece, the markers may be difficult to see or blend into the wallpaper or wall pattern. These backless-style clocks can be viewed best on simple, solid-hued walls, preferably in a contrast color from the clock itself.


Finding the Right Style

Lovers of sleek, contemporary design may find an elegant option in Karlsson clocks, a designer Dutch brand. These modern pieces err on the side of understated-- made for living spaces where less is more, utilizing  blacks and whites, glass, copper and other metal for a polished presentation.

Where Karlsson clocks take the minimal approach suiting streamlined offices and avant garde living arrangements, decorative wrought iron designs are the ideal accoutrement to more  vintage-inspired rooms, working nicely with man caves or even shabby chic decor. Trade gleaming copper metal pieces for rustic, spiraling wrought iron looks that charm opposite a whitewashed table or rich, worn leather in more masculine environments.

Quirky and colorful picks alternatively work best when matching vibrant motifs or standing on their own as a major statement-making accent in subdued spaces. From rainbow shades to whimsical and ornate borders, these bold and jazzed-up selections do well in kids playrooms, retro-infused areas, or even in the bathrooms to wake and brighten things up.

In the end, the true beauty of exhibiting any of these age-old favorites is that now there are so many fantastic options to be had. And like any part of decorating, when you move out of the realm of basic need and into the exciting realm of arrangement and composition, that’s when the real fun begins. While traditional brick and mortar stores give you the opportunity to see your potential clocks first hand and in the flesh, shopping online retailers often allows you to see the widest variety at any given time. And with all of the above information under your belt, this process of narrowing down your style and best fit for each of your unique spaces can be as enjoyable as hanging up the piece and relishing in the finished product. In fact, it’s probably why redecorating is an entire industry itself.

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