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Wall Mirrors: More Than a Decorative Touch

Prior to the availability of online advice, the best decorating tips and tricks came from straight from hired professionals. Previously, we called on accredited interior designers who had studied the trade and brought with them a mastery of all of the ways to make spaces come to life. But today, there are so many brick and mortar and internet-based services that allow homeowners to discover how to utilize their own time and resources in the design field. A few clicks around the web and anyone can build up a bedroom, bathroom or family room that maximizes its full potential. Understanding how to fill and enhance spaces with wall mirrors, art and more takes a little research, but results in one big payoff.

Take the same secrets that have earned the pros the big bucks and turn them around to help yourself save some cash when you add the finer details yourself. The average homeowner is used to outfitting their house with the basics: a little color, coordinated print and standard furnishings. It’s navigating the more decorative elements that can cause a little anxiety and previously encouraged the expertise of a veteran. Working with large works of art and glass objects are often where things start to get intimidating, but once you understand how these create light, elegance and space into room designs, you’ll want to fill each and every one of your open spaces with reflective accents. Beyond a wall decor bathroom essential and tool for checking your look before dashing out the door, getting the most from a mirror is all about strategic use and placement.


Choosing your Effect

The effect your mirrors will have on a space depend first and foremost upon where you place them. Achieve different or multiple desired effects by placing specific shapes in specific locations. For example, to increase a room’s natural light simply hang  a full-length option in the living room between your major light sources i.e. windows. This causes the glass to catch the light from both openings, brightening up the area by creating the appearance of a third window and exponentially increasing the amount of light. Lining a wall from floor to ceiling with the reflective silver tricks the mind into thinking the room extends far farther out, beyond the actual wall bordering it.

Similarly, facing oversized options opposite one another on adjacent walls allows you to shoot what little light you have around the room, and opens up the visuals of a previously constrained area beyond its walls, similar to appearance of Dutch doors. The goal is always to bounce light around a given room, so even tiny rooms are tricked into looking like seemingly larger, open air spaces.


Choosing your Style

The shape, framing and additional style details of your mirrored accents play into how each can be used to shape a designated room or space. Choosing a reflective wall piece that fits the areas and theme and aesthetic may be a no-brainer, but how to style it into your open space for the best appearance is often a little less obvious.

Utilizing the right reflective surface in the right place will give your home the enviable professional polish that comes with a seasoned decorator. Use mirrors to enhance art by hanging framed selections alongside your gallery wall or by nestling gold-edged picks alongside shelving and knick-knacks. Mirrors are known for instantly upping the glam factor in a room, so why wouldn’t you choose an artistic option that can add to the overall ambience?

Large, round pieces act as a complementary in living room or bedroom spaces above stately mantles and frame-free beds, respectively. Alternatively, you can bring the line of sight down a few feet by flanking both sides of the bed with matching midsized numbers above coordinated bedside tables. Decorative gold or silver styles enrich the room with a glistening metallic unrivaled by rimless, modern mirrors. And when it comes to trendy small and round pieces, the porthole style could not be more perfectly suited for the wall decor of the bathroom.

Understanding how light moves between mirrors and the optical illusions simple glass can give a room are paramount in deciding how and which styles you will want to incorporate. Varying sizes, shapes and styles produce varying results, so working backward from your desired end goal will help you determine which pieces to buy to produce the ideal finished product. It isn’t just about finding a mirror that suits the room’s style while framing the face or fits a full-length body shot, it’s about the overall appearance of the room you are building up to be its best. Whether you’re hoping to open a space up or really fill it in, our spilled techniques make it easier than ever to achieve smart and sharp domestic bliss.

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