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Wall Posters in Australia


Using print posters in interior design

Buy cheap posters and give your bedroom, hall or sitting room - any room in your home, in fact - a rich appeal. Forget the idea that posters are just for a teenager's bedroom. No, whether it's modern art, vintage print posters (such as an old movie promotion) or pop art, print posters can really enhance a room and prove the 'icing on the cake' in decor terms.  So what's available out there and how should we hang those print posters of ours? Well, here's a few tips right here:

Buy wall posters in a similar theme e.g. sports, movie stars etc and hang them together gallery-style.

  • Show off your taste in art by getting print posters of classic paintings (Picasso, Van Gough etc) and getting them carefully framing them. Who needs the original?!
  • Fire up yourself and your family every day with an inspirational words poster. There's lots out there and they can encourage you to become creative, have patience, look on the bright side etc.
  • Don't mix up your genres i.e. if you have a collection of comic book posters then put only those up in the room; other themes can go in other rooms otherwise the effect could be ruined (unless you have some other reason to tie them in e.g. colour, size ec.
  • When hanging the posters you could do so symmetrically and gallery-style. Then again, you could have one poster in the centre and the others hung around it.
  • Make sure there's nothing else in the room competing for attention with your posters i.e. a vivid feature wall in clashing colours or a large window right beside the posters.
  • If you're feeling like a little decorating then it can be very dramatic to choose a colour from the framed print poster and paint the wall it's on in that shade. Putting up a clashing colour on the other hand would prove disastrous and detract from the poster.
  • One way to emphasise a poster is to have similarly themed objects sitting beside or near it e.g. if the poster is celebrating the 50s movie theatre genre, then have items from that period such as a 1950s table lamp, or a framed photo of a movie star of that era.


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