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White Homewares in Australia

How to decorate with white home décor and white accessories

White accessories often look fabulous in a Scandinavian-themed room, a shabby chic décor scheme or with a nautical 1950 and 60s Hampton’s coastal look. White metallic home décor accessories in particular can give a very modern vibe to a room, as well as some old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. What we’re trying to say here, in other words, is that white home décor accessories are extremely versatile when it comes to interior design.

Not only that but home accessories in general are a great way to introduce any kind of colour into your home without making any major transformations in terms of furniture or painting walls.

How to make white accessories really stand out in your home decor

Sit any kind of white home accessory such as a white painted photo frame or white mirror against a dark grey, royal blue or even a bright pink wall and see it really stand out.

White accessories add a clean and modern feel to your home

Our kitchens and bathrooms tend to have a lot of white in them. Why is that do you think? It’s because white is the colour of freshness and cleanliness. White pasta jars, white utensil holders and canisters can co-ordinate well with shelving and cabinets. And if you’re fortunate enough to have received pretty white china for your wedding or an anniversary then don’t hide it behind a cupboard but display it on open shelving to bring some brightness into the kitchen.

Home offices too can benefit from white accessories such as wooden white painted photo frames, white iPad cushions and white candles. That’s because the colour’s calming properties can help us focus better. It’ll also help our desks look less cluttered – which is always a big plus!

In the sitting room or hallway a white vase is a great way to show off the colours of those flowers you’ve just picked (or bought). If you have a glass coffee table or console then placing white ornaments or accessories on them (such as white candlesticks) means there’s no clash with the floor.


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