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World Maps in Australia


Why you should consider buying framed world maps for your home

Framed world maps are not only a terrific way of reminding us where we have been around the globe, whether on holiday or visiting friends and relatives. But they can prove incredibly fascinating to study and are also a great way of prompting our ambitions as to where we dream of heading to visit in the future. As a result, they can prompt a happy hour or two of daydreaming in our homes.

Large world maps are also a great educational feature for the whole family. And they can come in a variety of themes (such as vintage, modern, contemporary, nautical), as well as an endless supply of design styles (typography, stencil, black and white etc).

Of course, when placed correctly, world maps can also prove an impressive decor feature. Here we've listed some of our favourite ways of using world maps to enhance every room in your home:

 How to decorate using a large framed world map

Looking for an usual headboard for a child? Then consider placing a large framed world map about the bed. Not only will a child think this is fun, but it's also educational. You and your child can have fun learning about different locations and quizzing each other. It'll make a nice change from reading the same story book over time and again!

A large framed world map is also a great way to hide an unsightly spot in a study or hallway. Match it with a round world globe ornament for a tied-in theme.

  • A large world map pinboard in a study doesn't just look great but is also very functional.
  • Use posters of world maps to hide over unsightly marks on furniture such as a dresser in a kid's room or to modernise an old bookcase in a home study using decoupage techniques.
  • Use a framed world map as a key decorative technique i.e. place a black and white version on a black wall
  • A world map poster is great wall decor for a toilet where guests often look for reading matter on the wall.

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