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Yellow homewares in Australia 


Decorating with yellow home accessories

A cheering and optimistic colour, yellow reminds of us sunflowers, lemons and a general feeling of ‘freshness’ and ‘revival.’ It’s the colour of spring after all – a month which tends to fill us with a feeling of lightness, enthusiasm and renewed vigour for all that lies ahead the rest of the year.

In its boldest versions yellow a great accent colour and perfect for a modern or contemporary room (especially when used on a feature wall or large piece of upholstery). It also looks great in a rustic setting when matched with dark weathered wood. Colours which go very well with yellow include orange and purple (as does black for a very dramatic contrast).

The different faces of yellow

Depending on how much red or blue shade the yellow you intend to use contains, the colour can come across as either very warm and welcoming (with red undertones) or rather cold and stark (with blue undertones). Because of this, interior designers usually recommend that the warm yellows are used for colouring a feature wall or as the dominant colour in a large fireside rug whereas the colder yellow shades are better for accessories and smaller items of furniture such as cushions or photo frames.

Another rule is to avoid bright, warm yellows in bedrooms and home studies since its presence makes the room too vibrant to sleep or even concentrate in. In fact the warmer shades of yellow are often described as “exciting and playful.”

Bright yellow makes a great accent colour simply because it focuses the eye straight away on entering a room. However don’t mix between pale and warm yellow. Keep all the yellows the same (warm yellow) for maximum effect.

How to make yellow behave as a neutral colour

Yellow can be pared down in terms of shade by teaming it up with brown (some yellows do have brown undertones). It works especially well with the metal copper as well as gold. Yellow shades which have a touch of red in them also tend to be more muted variations of vibrant yellow.

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