People-focused capital investments. Now and always.

Because your investment should work for you.

An investment fund built on shared values.

Investment manager

Investing in a better future. Together.

Whether you’re investing funds or looking for a funding partner. You’re seeking something better. A better tomorrow. Better investments. Better experiences. Better performance.

Here at Bowery, we invest in better. Better investments into visionaries with bigger, better ideas. Opportunities for better investment outcomes.

Better starts with quality. Maximising investment opportunities and driving results for borrowers and investors alike. And it ends with better returns. Better relationships. Better long-term growth.

Capital investment returns

Experience better.

Not everyone has a history of returns like we do.^ We’ve always delivered.

We listen, learn and evolve our investment processes and strategies to generate the best investment returns possible. Putting you and your capital investment front and centre, and searching for quality investment opportunities that go beyond numbers on a page.

A thorough due-diligence process, defined exit strategies and regular updates drive our investment approach.


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Capital investments

Quality investments. Quality returns.

We seek out the highest quality investment opportunities, driving better outcomes for our investors.

Our team is involved in every transaction. Personally meeting every borrower and completing in-depth due diligence for every investment.

It’s this care and thorough process that enables reliable returns. Month after month.

Commercial Real Estate Debt (CRED)

Funding big ideas. Building futures.

We’re not box tickers. We get the details. We take the time to listen to our partners’ big ideas. We go through the ins and outs. We get the big picture.

From small developments to large projects and everything in between. We care about your vision and want to be a part of it.

To us you’re more than just numbers on a page, development plans or pretty renders. Your ideas are more than that. And together we can find a flexible solution to deliver your vision.


Real feedback from real investors and lenders.

I have been investing with Bowery for over 5 years, and their very competitive investment products have provided me with strong recurrent passive income that has more than doubled my net worth. Their quality of service is outstanding as they provide detailed IM's with insightful summaries, frequent updates to ongoing investments, and they take a proactive approach to ensure that my money seamlessly rolls from the end of one investment to the start of another. Mark, Matt, Ali and Vann are always a delight to deal with, which is why I have entered into over 20 of their deals, and counting!
Matt B
Sophisticated Investor
Our company has completed over 70 mortgages and that underscores Bowery's extensive experience and proven track record in the real estate financing industry.  One of the most appealing aspects of our partnership with Bowery is the highly competitive returns they consistently offer. This aspect has significantly contributed to the success of our investment portfolio and reaffirms our confidence in their ability to identify and secure lucrative opportunities. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence continue to reinforce our belief that we are in capable hands. These factors, along with their impressive track record of completed mortgages, collectively highlight Bowery as a reliable and valuable partner in the realm of first mortgage opportunities.
Nicolas T
Sophisticated Investor
I appreciate both the clear and detailed analysis of each investment both by way of the executive summary as well as the follow up materials. Also, I know that if I want to further discuss any proposal or any issues with an existing investment I get an immediate response unlike a number of other competitors where I have had to chase and follow up matters of importance to me as a first mortgage investor. I greatly value my commercial relationship with Bowery Capital including in particular Matt Crowe and his back up team. I continue to invest with other investment houses but with Bowery I am happy to recommend both to friends and family.
Roger R
Sophisticated Investor
Finding a reliable, trustworthy and consistent investment partner had been a great challenge until I was referred by my accountant to Bowery Capital. Matt Crowe and the team have been able to provide a number of specialised property investments that cater extremely well for my financial capacity, expected rate of return and risk profile. Relying on Bowery’s due diligence, every opportunity is supported by explanatory notes, a ‘backup strategy’ in the worst-case scenario and 24/7 assistance with any queries. Bowery has certainly become a centrepiece of our broad investment strategy.
Anthony B
Sophisticated Investor
I started investing with Bowery several years ago for these reasons: I wanted access to the attractive risk-reward characteristics of the private debt market; I liked Bowery’s asset-level investment structure as it enabled me to diversify across multiple assets and provide me the control to construct how this was done; I liked that they had healthy deal flow and hence a good range of individual investment opportunities; I knew and trusted one of the principals and was comfortable that the team had the experience required to manage all the potential scenarios that could arise in the individual investments. To date my experience has been very positive. The investments have performed strongly and the Bowery team has expertly navigated changing market conditions including COVID-19 and rising interest rates.
Alex S
Sophisticated Investor
Invest and borrow

Because people matter just as much as results.

Yes, results are great. But numbers are just numbers. And we actually care about the people behind them.

That’s why we build relationships and people into every part of our investment process. Making sure our team is accessible and listening each step of the way.

When you’re happy, we’re happy. We’ll cut through the investment noise and understand what really matters. It’s people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bowery Capital do?

Let’s get technical for a moment: Bowery Capital is a fund manager that provides secured mortgage investments. You can select the specific property your investment is secured against. Because you should choose where your money goes.

How are your capital investments secured?

Your investments are always secured by registered mortgages against Australian real estate.

Is Bowery Capital a private lender?

Yes, we are a private lender and fund manager. We lend to carefully selected borrowers. Our risk assessment reviews assets, past performance, borrower experience and exit strategies. Each investment is personally vetted by our investment team, with on-site visits and independent valuations conducted as part of our process.

How do I take the first step?

Reach out to one of our directors and we’ll be in touch on the next steps.

Let’s do this.

You didn’t come here by chance.
You came here because you wanted to invest in your future. So, why wait?

Whether it was to invest or borrow, let’s take this first step together.