The team behind your investment.

Meet the team.

Funds management

Not your average investment manager.

Yes, we’re investment managers. And we’re good at what we do. In fact, we’re great at what we do and have a proven investment track record to show for it. But we’re not the suits and ties you’ve met before.

We get there are people behind the numbers. Real people with real investment aspirations, goals and needs. So why should we look at just the bottom line and not at everything (and the people) in between? Because that’s where the real investment magic happens, and real investment opportunities are found.

It’s this question that sparked our different approach to fund management. Creating a people-centric approach to every part of our investment and private lending process.

Our investment team

Meet the faces behind your investment

Meet the faces behind your investment

We have awesome people in our team. And that’s intentional.
Our people-centric approach starts with our amazing team.
Our true investment management success comes from our diversity and depth of expertise. That’s our strength.

Who wins? You.

Meet Vann

Vann Fisher | Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Mark

Mark Murray | Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Matt

Matt Crowe | Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Ali

Ali Abbass | Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Linda

Linda Sewell | Director

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Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Urbach | Responsible Manager

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Meet Sal

Sal Materia | Investment Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Alan

Alan Poole | Executive Director

Melbourne, VIC
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Meet Steve

Steve Kyriazis | Executive Director

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Meet Darby

Darby Peng | Property Analyst

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Meet Justin

Justin Raiti | Portfolio Manager

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Meet Natanya

Natanya Fisher | Administration Manager

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Meet Nancy

Nancy Bendinelli | Finance Manager

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Meet Manesh

Manesh Nesaratnam | Brand Strategist

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Investment management success

The proof is in the numbers.

It’s all well and good that we say we take a different approach to investment management and private lending. But does this translate to actual results for our investors and developers?

With over $250M funds under management and 450 clients across Australia – as well as over $450M opportunities funded – you tell us.


funds under management*


loans provided*


Clients across Australia*


Real feedback from real investors and lenders.

I have been investing with Bowery for over 5 years, and their very competitive investment products have provided me with strong recurrent passive income that has more than doubled my net worth. Their quality of service is outstanding as they provide detailed IM's with insightful summaries, frequent updates to ongoing investments, and they take a proactive approach to ensure that my money seamlessly rolls from the end of one investment to the start of another. Mark, Matt, Ali and Vann are always a delight to deal with, which is why I have entered into over 20 of their deals, and counting!
Matt B
Sophisticated Investor
Our company has completed over 70 mortgages and that underscores Bowery's extensive experience and proven track record in the real estate financing industry.  One of the most appealing aspects of our partnership with Bowery is the highly competitive returns they consistently offer. This aspect has significantly contributed to the success of our investment portfolio and reaffirms our confidence in their ability to identify and secure lucrative opportunities. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence continue to reinforce our belief that we are in capable hands. These factors, along with their impressive track record of completed mortgages, collectively highlight Bowery as a reliable and valuable partner in the realm of first mortgage opportunities.
Nicolas T
Sophisticated Investor
I appreciate both the clear and detailed analysis of each investment both by way of the executive summary as well as the follow up materials. Also, I know that if I want to further discuss any proposal or any issues with an existing investment I get an immediate response unlike a number of other competitors where I have had to chase and follow up matters of importance to me as a first mortgage investor. I greatly value my commercial relationship with Bowery Capital including in particular Matt Crowe and his back up team. I continue to invest with other investment houses but with Bowery I am happy to recommend both to friends and family.
Roger R
Sophisticated Investor
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of investment manager is Bowery Capital?

We are a capital investment fund manager, focusing on investments secured against first mortgages. Investments can be in residential or commercial property sectors, in Australian metropolitan and regional locations as well as growth corridors.

We offer investment opportunities with monthly investment returns between 9.5% – 10.5% per annum*, and private lending for up to $30 million.

Who do you provide private lending to?

We provide lending to borrowers that meet the following criteria:

  • Loan amount between $1M – $30M
  • Proven experience in property development and construction
  • Funding for site acquisition and construction purposes
  • Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) ratio no more than 65% Gross Realisation Value (GRV)
  • Loan amount to be registered to a first or second mortgage as security
  • The property must be within an Australian metropolitan or regional growth area
  • Project plan must include clear sell-down and refinancing strategies

More information about our criteria can be found in our borrower information pack.

How often do you distribute investment returns?

We provide distributions on a monthly basis at a fixed income rate. This is available to all our investors.

Investment terms vary from investment to investment, with terms from 3 – 18 months and no exit or reinvestment fees.

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You didn’t come here by chance.
You came here because you wanted to invest in your future. So, why wait?

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