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You came here for a reason.
To find a private lender for your or your client’s next big idea. You have the vision, we’ve got the capital and together we’ll make it happen.

We want to know the why, how, when and where.
Everything that’s driving you and your vision. It’s this passion for people and going beyond the numbers that has led us to lend more than $650 million to property developments around Australia. And this drives our approach to private lending day in, day out.

Because together we can make big things happen.

Flexible financing options

Simplified application process

People-focused support

Borrower story

Dentist developers delight - a reason to smile.

Whether the financing is for construction or land acquisition, we’re here to get you where you need to be.

Don’t believe us? Take dentists Sam & Ben here for example. They had a beautiful vision – a stunning $15M apartment development project in the heart of Toorak. Bowery was proud to be their funding partner and the relationship kicked-off positively in 2021. But soon after, Australia faced an unprecedented raw materials shortage, and consequent inflation, which hit the construction industry hard.

Sam and Ben’s project faced 6-month delays and significant cost escalations. Throughout this period, Bowery kept the pressure off by maintaining a reasonable interest rate and working through practical solutions with the dentist duo.

Sam and Ben were able to complete the development successfully by digging deep and staying the course with the continued support of Bowery. They came out on top. Naturally.

It’s never just a transaction with Bowery. Our team will work closely with you to provide a solution to get your ideas to the finish line.

Explore lending ins and outs. One pack.

Download our Borrower information pack and learn more about Bowery, our financing options, its features and the lending process.

Private lending options

Development financing, tailored for you

We’re not a bank.

We don’t just look at a proposal and tick a yes or no box. We’re private lenders.

Every development is different, and every property proposal is unique. That’s why we tailor a solution that is creating flexible, competitively-priced options for you. Each and every loan also gets access to our experienced property team who will be right with you on your journey.

Financing solutions for $1M - $30M
Funding for site acquisition and construction purposes
Available for land, commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties
Mezzanine funding (available for select projects)
Flexible options and loan-to-value ratios (LVRs)

BRIGHTON – Halifax St

Construction Facility
LVR: 75%
Loan Amount: $24,000,000


Commercial Facility
LVR: 65%
Loan Amount: $5,950,000


Construction Facility
LVR: 75%
Loan Amount: $3,100,000

Tell us about your project

Project funding process

Private lending made easy

Let’s get together. Our team seeks to build quality relationships to ensure we find a solution that meets your needs.


Tell us everything

We meet with every borrower in person, taking the time to understand all the little details behind the numbers. Because we know there’s more to your idea than what’s on paper.


Let’s evaluate

We will work through your proposal together.



Once all the dots are connected, we’ll walk you through the financing process.


Real feedback from real investors and lenders.

I have been investing with Bowery for over 5 years, and their very competitive investment products have provided me with strong recurrent passive income that has more than doubled my net worth. Their quality of service is outstanding as they provide detailed IM's with insightful summaries, frequent updates to ongoing investments, and they take a proactive approach to ensure that my money seamlessly rolls from the end of one investment to the start of another. Mark, Matt, Ali and Vann are always a delight to deal with, which is why I have entered into over 20 of their deals, and counting!
Matt B
Sophisticated Investor
Our company has completed over 70 mortgages and that underscores Bowery's extensive experience and proven track record in the real estate financing industry.  One of the most appealing aspects of our partnership with Bowery is the highly competitive returns they consistently offer. This aspect has significantly contributed to the success of our investment portfolio and reaffirms our confidence in their ability to identify and secure lucrative opportunities. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence continue to reinforce our belief that we are in capable hands. These factors, along with their impressive track record of completed mortgages, collectively highlight Bowery as a reliable and valuable partner in the realm of first mortgage opportunities.
Nicolas T
Sophisticated Investor
I appreciate both the clear and detailed analysis of each investment both by way of the executive summary as well as the follow up materials. Also, I know that if I want to further discuss any proposal or any issues with an existing investment I get an immediate response unlike a number of other competitors where I have had to chase and follow up matters of importance to me as a first mortgage investor. I greatly value my commercial relationship with Bowery Capital including in particular Matt Crowe and his back up team. I continue to invest with other investment houses but with Bowery I am happy to recommend both to friends and family.
Roger R
Sophisticated Investor
Finding a reliable, trustworthy and consistent investment partner had been a great challenge until I was referred by my accountant to Bowery Capital. Matt Crowe and the team have been able to provide a number of specialised property investments that cater extremely well for my financial capacity, expected rate of return and risk profile. Relying on Bowery’s due diligence, every opportunity is supported by explanatory notes, a ‘backup strategy’ in the worst-case scenario and 24/7 assistance with any queries. Bowery has certainly become a centrepiece of our broad investment strategy.
Anthony B
Sophisticated Investor
I started investing with Bowery several years ago for these reasons: I wanted access to the attractive risk-reward characteristics of the private debt market; I liked Bowery’s asset-level investment structure as it enabled me to diversify across multiple assets and provide me the control to construct how this was done; I liked that they had healthy deal flow and hence a good range of individual investment opportunities; I knew and trusted one of the principals and was comfortable that the team had the experience required to manage all the potential scenarios that could arise in the individual investments. To date my experience has been very positive. The investments have performed strongly and the Bowery team has expertly navigated changing market conditions including COVID-19 and rising interest rates.
Alex S
Sophisticated Investor
Invest and borrow

Private lenders that invest in you

Anyone can be a private lender or investment manager. But our point of difference is our ability to see the big picture.

We’ve built our business on relationships and a genuine care for people. We want to know your vision and support you to get there.

It’s about people.

Because without you, there’s no us. It’s this people-focused approach that shapes how we do business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a loan-to-value ratio (LVR)?

A loan-to-value ratio or LVR refers to the percentage of the loan amount in comparison to the value of the asset the loan is being used for. In general, the higher the LVR – or loan percentage – the higher the risk.

At Bowery Capital, we typically do not loan more than 65% of the asset’s value as a first mortgage.

What is a private lender?

A private lender is an alternative to traditional lending institutions, such as the big banks, that uses private capital from investors to provide loans against secure mortgages.

At Bowery Capital, our investors select which property development they would like to invest in. Then it is provided as capital as a private loan to fund the project.

What development properties and projects do you finance?

We focus on development financing for property projects within metropolitan and select regional growth areas in Australia. Private lending options are available to residential, commercial, industrial and retail property sectors, including:

  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Industrial complexes and parks
  • Townhouses and apartment complexes
  • Luxury residential developments
  • Land sub-division and development projects
  • Completed stock
  • NDIS and SDA housing developments

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